Pinball At The Zoo! April 24th, 25th and 26th!

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Rediscover Pinball @ The 15th. Annual "Pinball at the 'Zoo". It will be held at the Kalamazoo County Expo Center located at 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan on Thursday April 24th. Friday April 25 th. & Saturday April 26th. 2014. It will feature a Multiple Pinball Tournaments and Vending Booths with Parts and Machines for Sale. All games will be set on free play. Auction will be held on Saturday the 26th at 3:00 PM. Spread the Word - Pinball at the 'Zoo Flyer Thursday 2 pm to 10 pm --------- Friday 1 pm to 10 pm Saturday 9am to 6 pm

Ann Arbor Pinball Museum Showcase 5/16 – 5/18

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The Ann Arbor Pinball Museum VFW in Green Oaks Township, Michigan will have their first pinball showcase festival Friday May 16th to Sunday May 18th, 2014. The museum has 200 machines on site ranging from 1950s “woodrails” to the latest games from Stern pinball. Every decade, manufacturer and game type is represented at the museum. There are many rare and hard to find games set up and ready to play. All machines are on free play, so one entrance ticket allows almost unlimited play for the day. The VFW pinball museum is a 6600 square foot single floor building with plenty of parking on our rural 10 acre site. There’s something for every pinball fan here.

Showcase Dates and Times.
Our museum charter allows us to be open to the public up to four weekends a year. This is our first showcase, and below are the following days and times.
Friday May 16th, 2014 – 5pm to 10pm $20
Saturday May 17th, 2014 – 10am to 9pm $25
Sunday May 18th, 2014 – 10am to 4pm $20
Tickets for the showcase will be available in advance only. We want to ensure that all attendees have the absolute best possible experience and have plenty of room to mingle and experience the pinball machines. To do this we have a limited number of tickets available for each day. Once the limit is reached, no more tickets will be issued. Hence there may not be any tickets available at the door. Yes it is possible we may have door tickets, however this will be a last minute decision. So if you want to guarantee a ticket, it’s best to get one from our Ticket reservation web page.
How Many Games will be at the Show case?
There will be 200+ games available for play. We list the game titles in a separate post here. These games are of known quality and caliber, and some are very rare. You’ll know what titles will be at the show ahead, there’s no guessing. Now how does this compare to other shows? Well really pretty good as most shows struggle to get 100 games. But here’s the kicker… most shows have many duplicate titles. At the Ann Arbor Pinball Museum, there are no duplicate titles. Meaning when we say there are 200 games, there are 200 games with unique titles. (There’s aren’t five Addams Family pinballs, for example.) Hence there is more variety and more representation of pinball’s history. This gives the Museum more variety than most other pinball shows.
Can you bring a game to the showcase?
Bring a game to the Ann Arbor VFW pinball showcase is welcome but not necessary. If you want to bring a game you’re proud of to show it off, or if you’re trading or selling to a friend and want a place to meet, that would be great. Doors to the hall are at ground level and within 10 feet of a drop off area, and we have many pinball carts available to borrow. We will have a dedicated area set aside for these pinballs. You have complete control of your game, when it comes, and when it leaves. The bad news however is we do not offer any entrance incentives for bring a game. Our goal is to showcase the collector quality games at the museum and any quality machines that the pinball public wants to show. Offering entrance incentives unfortunately attracts too many machines, many not to the high standards of the museum.
Pinball Tournament.
We will have non-WPR early solid state and EM pinball tourneys, but this is not the emphasis of the showcase. De-emphasizing tournaments enhances the overall pinball experience for the majority of typical showcase attendee, since most do not participant in tournaments. However the tournaments are easy and inexpensive to join. There’s no entry fee for any tournament. We will have several machines available for quarter play. Meaning each tournament “try” is 25 cents. The money collected will given back as prizes. Each day of the showcase will be a different tournament. This tournament system is easy and self running, with the emphasis on the casual player and not for the “pros.” If we feel anyone is trying to “gain the system”, we will remove their scores from the tournament. Highest scores two hours prior to the day’s closing time (Friday will be one hour prior) are the winners for that day.
Door Prizes.
On Saturday will will be giving away a pinball machine as a door prize. Getting a showcase ticket ahead for Saturday automatically enters you into the drawing. No additional tickets can be received. We will draw for the machine at 6pm on Saturday. You do not need to be present to win, but it would be helpful.
We do have space for vendors who will be showing their products. (Please contact us if you’re interested in doing this.) Right now we have commitments from:
  • Pinball Life (pinball parts)
  • (restoration parts and tools)
  • (backglass restoration services)
  • Wiley Amusements (game sales, Fenton MI)
  • Jeff Moorehead (game and parts sales.)
In the outside flea market area also individuals can swap and trade pinball parts. Note the Ann Arbor pinball museum does not sell games or parts, so all we can do is point you to the above vendors.
Set Up Day.
Friday from 10am to 5pm is set up time. If you’re a vendor or bring a game, that’s a great time to do it. This time is only for people involved in helping the show, those that bring games or flea market parts for sale, and for vendors, etc.
Nearby Hotel.
Just a few miles away is a Holiday Inn Express that’s a good place to stay if you’re from out of town. We don’t have anything set with them, so you will have to call/email to see about reservations.
Holiday Inn Express
8285 Movie Drive
Brighton, MI 48116
The Location.
The Ann Arbor pinball museum is located on a scenic 10 acres in the countryside north of Ann Arbor at 8891 Spicer rd, Brighton MI 48116. It’s very relaxed and located on a beautiful piece of natural property. The facility is 6600 square feet with a full pinball restoration shop and of course many games. There’s plenty of parking too. There’s even an outside covered flea market area for those that want to trade pinball parts with other enthusiasts, or just want to relax outside among our apple trees.

MOTORCITYBLOG 2014-04-21 19:00:00

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Wild Bill Ketelhut provides the "blog" to this anti-blog

Wild At Heart

I was just surfing around the web and found out one of my college buddies, Chris Vaccaro, who teaches English language and literature in Vermont and has written about Tolkein and medieval literature is coming out with a book of poems about Montreal's sauna culture called "Hibernation and Other Poems by Bear Beards". It might seem like an odd mix, but we were good friends at Hartwick College and took many English classes together. He was also the first openly gay person I knew which was an unique experience. I spent hours wondering if I would treat him differently knowing he was now out of the closet and when it came right down to it, I didn't have any chance in our relationship when I finally saw him for the first time after hearing the news. I even earned extra credit for my Sociology class by hooking him up as a guest speaker talking about coming out in college. I read a few of his poems which while good are not really my thing but would like to promote this link to an interview with him and some samples of his poetry:

The Detroit Jazz Festival announced its 2014 Artist in Residence, Joshua Redman (who has toured with Pat Metheny and Clark Terry) and world-class group of headlining acts for the 35th annual Labor Day Weekend performances. The Festival will stay true to its roots of delivering a diverse lineup, featuring up-and-coming acts as well as jazz legends, from both Detroit and around the world. This year will see some great talents such as Kevin Eubanks, Marcus Belgrave, Diane Schurr, Chritian McBride Trio, Stanley Clarke, Esperanza Spalding, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and more to be seen at It looks to be a great line up!

The animated film "Ernest and Celestine" is currently set to open on April 25th at the Main Art Theatre so check back for a movie review later in the week. Of course, the Main Art Theatre also shows some cool Midnight Madness Movies and they just released a partial list which looks like this:

May 30-31 - ROBOCOP (1987) - Digital restoration of the original film!
June 6-7 - EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP - Featuring renowned graffiti artist Bansky, whose Packard Plant piece is at the center of a local controversy.
June 13-14 - PRINCESS MONONOKE - an excellent animated film from the group who did last year's "The Wind Rises"
June 27-28 - GOOD FELLAS
July 11-12 - ERASERHEAD - David Lynch at his weirdest!

The series of new and classic cult films runs Fridays and Saturdays at midnight through Halloween. Tickets may be purchased at the door at Landmark's Main Art Theatre, located at 118 North Main St in Royal Oak or online at Additional films will be announced at a later date.

I'll leave you with a few recommended concerts for the week:

Wednesday (4/23) - Ingrid Michaelson @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Sunshine of Your Sunshine Vapor opens for Loop @ Magic Stick

Thursday (4/24) - Creepshow @ Smalls, Black Lips @ Magic Stick

Saturday (4/26) - Sam Roberts Band @ The Fillmore

Record Store Day 2014 – Milwaukee, WI

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This year’s Record Store Day did not really excite me.  There wasn’t much on the list of releases that I just had to have.  Every year there is less I want and prices are higher.  I have a hard time paying $12 for a 7 inch single.  The one record I really wanted was Devo’s “Live at Max’s Kansas City.  It was sold out at the four stores I went to and is currently going for over $60 on ebay.  I started the day by waiting in line at the Exclusive Company at 6am.  They opened at 7am, and by 6am I was already about number 100 in line.  Exclusive Company has about 7 or 8 stores in Wisconsin, so they have buying power.  But by the time I made it into the store, it was pretty wiped out, only buying two items on my list.  I then went to Rush-Mor, a great local independent store.  There I picked up Devo (the picture disc), John Spencer 12-inch, and local punk legends Suburban Mutilation.  A trip to the east side Exclusive Company was a waste of time, so I finished my day at Acme Records in Bayview.  Acme, like Rush-Mor is a small vinyl heavy record store.  At Acme I watched Blessed Feathers play a great folksy pop set and bought even more records (this time non-RSD releases).  The highlight of this year’s Record Store Day was the re-issue release of Milwaukee’s Die Kreuzen’s first record, the “Cows and Beer” 7-inch ep.  Original copies are going for over $200 so it is nice to have a worthy remastered high quality substitute.  Original members Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer were at Rush-Mor signing copies for appreciative fans .  It is great to see the record stores packed and selling lots of records.  Hopefully the new customers will keep coming back.

Just Another Motorcityblog Band Interview with Lost Boys

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(subtitle: soon to be Prude Boys on May 9, 2014)

It's record store day and what a better way to start it out than with the first of an ongoing series of interviews with local and national upcoming bands, DJs and artists. It's Just Another Motorcityblog Band Interview with local fun girls and boy trio, Lost Boys. The interview will give you the lowdown on the band but let I can tell you firsthand, after seeing them play, Lost Boys make mighty fine boisterous raw punk and pop. You catch them at the MetroTimes Blowout playing Friday, May 2nd, at Northern Lights Lounge. It will be their last night as Lost Boys because they've found themselves and discovered they are really Prude Boys.

MCB:Who is in the band?
Sadie Sam, the drummer
Quennton Thornbury, guitar & vocals
Caroline Myrick, bass & vocals

MCB: When did you form and why?
LB: We formed in the Spring of 2013, playing music in our buddy's attic to deal with being broke and bored. After playing and realizing we could all write songs together, and were addicted to playing, we got a name and a Facebook.

MCB: Describe your sound in ten words or less and what band would not offend you to be compared to?
LB: We are: garage-punk-pop-surfy-noisy-rock n' roll kids. We've been compared to The Pixies and we thought that was right nice.

MCB: What’s your latest release and how can people get it?
LB: Our latest release is a one-take live demo we recorded in our practice garage. It's aptly named "Lost Boys Demo 2014" and is available at Our first EP is also there. It's more polished.

MCB: Favorite local venue and why?
LB: We adore Woodruff's of Ypsilanti. We've played there 6 million times because we love the people who work there, the people who come there, and the cheap drinks. It's like a second home, next to our garage.

MCB: What’s one another local band you think people should see?
LB: One? We could hardly pick one, so how about two. del Brutto & Double Weirdo. They are raucous, rowdy, crazy dudes and their shows are not to be missed. They're also our best friends.

MCB: What do you like most and least about Detroit?
LB: Most of all, we love the music here. The scene is diverse and weird and people are pretty damn nice, which is refreshing. We do not so much like the unpredictable and incomplete public transportation system. Bikes work though.

MCB: Where’s the best place on the internet for people to go hear more from you?
LB: is the place to go. It has all of our links, plugs, gadgets, trinkets, knick knacks and more. We also have a few videos up on youtube if you search hard enough, like our first music video for "Care Package".

MCB: What makes being in a band worth it for you?
LB: The money, cars, clothes, and women. But actually, it's because we love playing shows. There's such an exciting energy that comes from playing live. It's exhilarating. It's incredible playing for a crowd. Also, we love the chance shows give us to hear what other bands are doing. We're planning a short tour down south in May and it'll basically be a vacation where we get to have a good time playing shows with different bands every night. We couldn't think of anything better.

MCB: You will know the band is successful when…..
LB: When we're not eating Jet's pizza every day. But we'd probably do that anyway.

MCB: Most embarrassing moment so far….
LB: We genuinely have no shame, but there have been a few shows where maybe we played a little too late in the night, if you catch my drift, and we weren't exactly "on point" or "coherent". I'm sure people have been embarrassed for us.

Check back with Motorcityblog for more Just Another Motorcityblog Interviews

Interview and pics by Mikel O.D. of MPAD Media

JULY: Subhumans @ Magic Stick

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Sunday, Jul 20, 2014 8:00 PM EDT Doors
Magic Stick Lounge at the Majestic Complex
4140 Woodward • Detroit, MI

Weekend Flyer Dump

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::Matt Jones & The Reconstruction:: ::Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful:: ::Loose Teeth::

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3 Great Bands, One of Woodruff's Final Nights

Woodruff’s as we know it, one of Ypsilant’s coolest music venues, will be closing at the end of April. The remaining nights that Woodruff’s will be open will feature optimum entertainment, but be sure to check out the lineup this Friday, April 18th. With a triple bill of local favorites, Matt Jones & the Reconstruction, Misty Lyn & the Big Beautiful, Loose Teeth, Friday’s show will be one to remember, for sure.
With Woodruff's closing, it’s a bit of a sad time for local musicians and music lovers, as the night spot has not been in service for long, it’s current incarnation began in 2009. In it’s short life, it’s become a favorite spot for local bands starting out, and national acts as well. Get yourself to Woodruff’s this weekend, you will not be disappointed.

You will find Woodruff's at 36 E Cross St in the Depot Town area of Ypsilanti. More info is available here:


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TOADIES: Friday at the Magic Stick / / MCB is hooking you up

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MCB has a Toadies CD to give to you. Just email

Being the 20th anniversary of Rubberneck the Texan rockers plan on playing the album in its entirety. Earlier this year they announced re-releasing the record with some bonus tracks and took the whole show on tour with Supersuckers and Battleme.

$18 Advance / $20 Day of | All Ages
At the Magic Stick- 4140 Woodward Ave. in Detroit

After Party Featuring:
No Division
@ Garden Bowl
11pm * Free * 18+

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