UPCOMING (Thur. July 7 and Fri. July 8): "The Wizard of Odd" at the Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom in Detroit

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Things in Detroit are about to get really ODD this Thursday (July 7th) and Friday (July 8 ) 
as The Squidling Bros. Present
"The Wizard of Odd"
A theatrical retelling of an iconic American story.
Directed by Matterz Squidling and Mackenzie Moltov/

Taking place at
the Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom
located at 715 Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
Doors at 8PM each night with a 9PM showtime.

General admission tickets $20
Munchkin Land ticket $30 (comes with Wizard of Odd candy)
Witches Minions Ticket $40 (comes with Wizard of Odd candy, signed pitch card by Red Rum the Wicked Witch of the West)
Emerald City Council $50 (comes with Wizard of Odd Candy, signed poster and meet and greet with cast after show)

Discounted presale tickets now available HERE.

Sideshow, Burlesque, Circus and Fire arts! Featuring performers from Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Original Soundtrack/ Musical Score by: Ringmaster Zeb, Velvet Crayon, & Satori Circus

*Pollyanna High-Gloss/Ben Hendricks -"Dorothy Gale"
*Jelly Boy the Clown -"The Scarecrow"
*Satori Circus -"The Tin Man"
*Titano Oddfellow -"The Cowardly Lion"
*Madeleine Belle -"Glenda The Good Witch"
*Bayard Matty -"Toto"
*Redrum -"The Wicked Witch of the West"
*Matterz Squidling -"The Wicked Witch of the East"
*Sanjula Vamana -"The Flying Monkey King"
*Violet and Fortuna -"Flying Monkeys"
*Erin Garber Pearson -"The Tornado"
*Fibi Eyewalker -"Queen of the Field Mice"
*Flec Mindscape -"The Gatekeeper"
*Aimee Funk and Eric Scott Baker -"Munchkin Loli Pop Guild"
*Ringmaster Zeb -"The Munchkin King" & "The Odd Head"
*Velvet Crayon -"The Wizard"

Show synopsis:  
The worst storm in the history of Detroit comes through whisking two young boys, Donny and Tommy, off to the magical land of Odd. Where everyone becomes who they truly are. Donny transforms into a young woman Dorothy Gale and Tommy transforms in his best friend, Toto the dog. Dorothy's apartment lands on the Wicked Witch of the East. She becomes the hero of the people of Munchkin land and is sent on a journey to meet the Wizard of Odd, to find her way home.

“The Odditorium“ was once a magical freak show that traveled across the land with a circus run by a mysterious wizard that no one ever met but everyone loved and respected for taking care of the freaks.

The Wizard's show consisted of three stars, the Tin Man, the Scare Crow, and the Lion. There were also lesser paid, filler members of the show referred to as “Munchkins”

At the height of the show’s popularity the Wizards older twin sisters, The Wicked Witches, joined the show and took their brother's profits. Casting a spell upon the Odditorium. Ticket sales plummeted and the sisters abused the members of the freak show and manipulated their younger brother out of his job.

The gang breaks up and the wizard abandons the show, going home to his younger sister, Glinda. The wicked sisters are happy and start their own show, using the name of their brothers successful show replacing all the performers with their flying monkeys.

Glinda knows the truth about her evil older sisters putting a spell on the Odditorium. She takes in the munchkins and vows to help spread the truth about her sisters to clear her brother’s reputation.

Dorothy and Toto go off to see the wizard and meet new friends The scare crow, the tin man and the lion. Their bond of friendship defeats the evil Wicked Witch of the West and her army of Flying Monkeys. Through this journey they find out who they truly are and bring peace to the Land Of Odd.

UPCOMING (Thur. June 30): Strangers You Know at the Pike Room inside the Crofoot in Pontiac

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Strangers You Know is a sonic collective out of Southern California, brought together by a chance meeting back stage on production road at Coachella in 2013 and kept together by similar musical interests. Despite this, it's the differences in musical backgrounds of each individual that create the unique and diverse sounds of the band. From folk to electronic, the band draws inspiration from many different sources, with each member bringing their own sound to the group. Adam pulls from more analog forms of music, from artists such as The Beatles, Beck, and more modern songwriters such as Kacey Musgraves and the Avett Brothers. Grady, on the other hand draws from modern music trends such as Deep House and R&B.

The band is comprised of Grady Lee (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and
 Adam Haagen (Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Harmonica, Ukulele).

The band released its first EP (Something to Someone) early summer of 2014 and has had a busy summer tour schedule on  the 2014 Vans Warped Tour, First City Festival, and the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

In May 2015 they released their first full Album What Happened. The entirety of the album can, in essence, describe the entirety of a single night out, encompassing all the relationships one may form and the people one may interact with. It starts with the band getting ready to “Have a party” and ends with a track called “Hibernate” that leads into the dreamlike cover of Marty Robbins “160 Acres." 

Hot off performances at SXSW, Coachella, Hangout and Bottlerock, and Firefly, the band will stay on the road nationally this summer with many dates ahead.

Strangers You Know are on tour supporting their new EP Loosen up the Leash
which can be given a listen HERE.

Strangers You Know is making their local area appearance this Thursday (June 30)
at the Pike Room inside the Crofoot in Pontiac 

The Crofoot is located at: 1 S Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 on the day of the show.
Tickets can be purchased in advance HERE
Doors at 7PM

REVIEW – The Rooks ~ At PJ’s Larger House

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The Rooks

at PJ's Larger House in Detroit

Photos / Article by Taylor Ohryn

I find myself at the edge of Corktown a tad bit confuse of the current status that is PJ's Larger House. If you search up the Larger House you get as followed: "Enduring bar serves handmade burgers & New Orleans-style Cajun grub with a side of live rock music." Once inside, I was in gulf with Irish and Rock memorabilia attach to the walls of this "New Orleans-Style" place. Even with their menu I question for that Cajun vibe I would get as I settled for a Irish twist of a reuben labeled"Corktown Classic".
For those who were curious on that, I gave it a 5/10. I should note I'm a tad bit picky when it comes to my reubens. The meat was on thick side and tough and I wish I had more then two bits per side. It was good for a bar sandwich not a main dish.  Normally, I arrive four hours earlier just to avoid crowds but I found myself at ease knowing that I could enjoy that sandwich (As I had arrived around Six-Thirty). As I wait underneath the J.P Social room where the boys are expected to perform. Little did I know that doors open meant when they will actual arrive to do sound check, I could have arrive much later than I had and possibly gotten something good on my way here. 
The JP Social room is what could be consider the living room in a duplex house, where the stage sits next to one of the exits allowing the band to bring in their equipment. I didn't see any action in that room until little over the time "Doors Open".  In that I mean, where the band actually brought in their kits to do their first soundcheck. 
Around nine, the bands had arrive and I was introduce to The Rooks by Saxophone/Keyboardist Spencer Hattendorf downstairs in what the Larger house called their "Green Rom". The band had a friendly since of charm to them, very pleased at the idea of someone photographing their band. Even Garth Taylor (lead Vocals) who was quiet at first jump in the conversation with talks of trying to meme himself in any photos of tonight's show. Only sad part of the conversation was their eleven o'clock time slot. Until then, the conversation was mostly small talk about myself, bands, The Onion news article, and Tumblr.  
In the meantime, Opener Taxon Clade lead vocal Daniel had already remove his shirt two songs into his set. ( I should take the moment to mention that the crowd consist of the openers and The rooks. A very intimate concert. So the need to be shirtless wasn't really necessary. )So if that gives you a vibe of what their band is like then I really don't need to describe them. If you still need more information, they did two covers the first Freaky Nasty "When I dip you dip" the other campfire tradition Elton John's "Rocketman". After their show, the next act switch from the floor to the stage. 
J. Walker & The Crossgaurd kept the energy going as well as the coffee that I had receive from Spencer. Their no shoe policy on bass player Kylie gave them a bit of an edge as they continue their rock and soul style. Bringing in a few Tiger fans who were watching the game from the other side of the duplex building. I couldn't help to find myself questioning that a great group like this one was at a bar where at one point it was the bass's girlfriend and myself. A little brush up on performing and better tuning could give J. Walker & The Crossgaurds a great shot into a better atmosphere. 
We finally inch over to the final act, The Rooks swifty traded spots and were ready to rock. I had previously spent a couple days listening to their music (Which can be found on Spotify and bandcamp) so I knew what I going to witness. 
What they call a muddy down version of Frank Ocean and they were right. Was I expecting a cover from said artist? Yes. Did I get it? Yes. They could be performing in front kitchen staff and still act as if they were performing in front of a sold out audience. That is a type of a band I could put my trust and t-shirt money to. 
Now in terms of what I could use to describe them myself. I like to picture the perfect combination of the R&B old school Babyface mix with the Robin Thicke "Love After War" version.Overall experience, I recommend checking them out while they are still in this small tour. They may not be sign but that the only in a matter of time before that happens. Good luck on the rest of the tour boys. 

You can find The Rooks on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Website
You can listen to them on: Spotify, BandCamp,and Youtube

To see more photos you can check out my photography site.

THIS WEEKEND: Great Lakes Food, Art, & Music Festival in Northville

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The Great Lakes Food, Art & Music Festival kicks off this weekend in downtown Northville. Running Friday, June 24 and continuing through Sunday, June 26 The Ford Field Park will play host to the event, providing a fantastic backdrop for the family-friendly occasion.

Featuring tons of great live music, a kid zone with a bounce house – plus monster truck rides, slot car racing, food, drinks and more – it's fun for all ages!

FREE ADMISSION all weekend.

FREE PARKING is available in the Northeast corner of the Northville Downs parking lot (Walking distance from Ford Field Park.)


Friday 5:30-7 Tosha Owens
Friday 7:30-9 Cosmic Groove
Friday 9:30-11 Ryan Dillaha

Saturday 12-1:30 Weekend Comeback
Saturday 2-3:30 The Kung Fu Lovers
Saturday 4-5:30 Re Cure
Saturday 7-8:30 The HandGrenades
Saturday 9-10:30 AwesomeR
Saturday 10:30-12 Howling Diablos

Sunday 12-1:30 Al Bettis
Sunday 2-3:30 Mark Reitenga
Sunday 4:30-6 The Reefermen
Sunday 6:30-8 Dan Tillery

Visit HERE for all your festival information needs.

UPCOMING (6/26-9/5): Summer Classic Film Series at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor

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Summer Classic Film Series returns to the Michigan Theater
See Classic Films By The Beatles, Audrey Hepburn, Marx Brothers, Clint Eastwood and More!

The Michigan Theater has kicked off the 32nd season of its annual Kerrytown Market and Shops Summer Classic Film Series.
From late June to early September, the historic theater will screen classic films every Sunday at 1:30 PM and Tuesday at 7:00 PM. The full series lineup includes:

6/26 and 6/28:            A Hard Day’s Night (1964) S 
7/3 and 7/5:               Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
7/4                            The Dirty Dozen (1967) at 1:30 PM. FREE for veterans and active service military.
7/10 and 7/12:            A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) 
7/17 and 7/19:            Monty Python & The Holy Grail (1975)  

7/24 and 7/26:            Funny Face (1957)
7/31 and 8/1:             The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966)  
8/7 and 8/9:               Horse Feathers (1932)  
8/14 and 8/16:           Fargo (1996) 

8/21 and 8/23:            Sing-a-Long Sound of Music (1965) * Special ticket prices apply.  
8/28 and 8/30:            Metropolis (1927) silent film with live organ accompaniment * Special ticket prices apply.
9/4 and 9/6:                To Catch a Thief (1955)  
9/5                             Casablanca (1942) at 1:30 PM. FREE for students with valid I.D.!
Standard ticket prices apply except where noted. Advance tickets are available at michtheater.org.
Now celebrating its 89th year, the Michigan Theater is Ann Arbor's award-winning non-profit historic center for fine film and performing arts. The Michigan Theater welcomes more than 250,000 visitors each year to its art house films, concerts, lectures, live theater, and special programs such as Direct from Sundance and Cinetopia International Film Festival. The Michigan Theater also owns and operates the historic State Theater located just up the street at 233 State Street. 

The Michigan Theater is located in downtown Ann Arbor at 603 East Liberty Street. 

Visit michtheater.org or call the 24-hour information line at (734) 668-TIME for schedule and ticket information.

UPCOMING (Friday, June 24): Opening artist reception- "Post-Colonial" by Askew One + "Seminatural" by Beastman at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit

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Inner State Gallery Presents:
Post-Colonial by Askew One
Seminatural by Beastman 

Please join The Inner State Gallery in Detroit this Friday, June 24th at 7pm as they welcome New Zealand Artist Askew One and Australian artist Beastman to the Gallery for their latest solo exhibitions.

  About Beastman: 
Beastman (Bradley Eastman) is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney, Australia. Influenced by the biodiversity, symbolism and design aesthetics behind nature’s repetitive geometric growth patterns and organic landscapes, Beastman's studio paintings, commercial projects and public murals explore a unique visual language, depicting future environments of abstracted landscapes,
 potential new life forms and human intervention.

One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging contemporary artists from Australia, Beastman has exhibited his artworks extensively around the world, has curated and organised numerous international art exhibitions and projects, and has been commissioned by the likes of Element, Facebook, Vivid Sydney, Mini, Westfield, Red Bull, Stockland, Bose, Hyundai, Smirnoff and more. His artwork was recently acquired by the National Gallery of Australia, and his large solo and collaborative mural works can be found all over Australia and around the world.

About Askew:
  With a strong, self-taught background in graffiti and post-graffiti art, graphic design and video-making, Askew One's international following and web  presence over the last 12 years has made him New Zealand’s most world-famous & world-recognized graffiti and urban contemporary artist.
Askew's project invitations have been in countries such as
Switzerland, Singapore, the UK, USA and Tahiti. To date, Askew is the only NZ artist to have been featured in leading  French publication ‘The Urban Contemporary Art Guide’ (2014) and is the only NZ
representative to have exhibited in the Urban Art Biennale (Germany, 2015). His  most significant accomplishment in 2015, was art directing, exhibiting and  co-funding a culturally important group exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery (Sydney),  titled ‘Post-Graffiti Pacific’. Askew continues to  represent his country and the region of Oceania on the international urban contemporary map.

This event is free and open to the public. 
Opening artist reception will be from 7-10pm on Friday June 24th 

The Inner State Gallery is located at 1410 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207

UPCOMING (Sat. June 25): Super Happy Funtime Burlesque at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor

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  Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is a 12 member touring monstrosity and they will
be performing at the Bling Pig in Ann Arbor this Saturday (June 25).

A live band, a burlesque troupe, a circus act, that is all together too contemporary, too modern, too bawdy, and too controversial to be defined just as “burlesque”. So, calling itself ‘burlesque’ for lack of a better term, Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is heading out for their 7th national tour 
this fall with its newest musical production. 

Designed to find your line and cross it, some kind of strange mix of GWAR and Benny Goodman with touches of SNL and the Price is Right, Super Happy Funtime Burlesque sprays you with glitter and love while playfully degrading taboo subjects like religion, politics, and sex. “For every 100 people dancing, there are usually ten or so walking out the door,” says host and bandleader Mr. Happypants, “You either get it or you don’t; the right people get it.” Super Happy Funtime Burlesque sets itself apart from other burlesque shows, and touring acts in general, for one major reason: its live band playing original music. Somewhere in a middle ground between Frank Zappa and Tom Waits, this show that gets curiosity seekers out with the promise of tits keeps them in the seats with a set of original tunes that get stuck in your head for weeks after the performance. “People are surprised by the songwriting! What they don’t know is that we’re all professional artists who’s day jobs are in the musical theater world, we bring that aesthetic and blend it with an underground edginess that leaves peoples jaws on the floor.”

 Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is presenting a new and contemporary musical theater at its finest. Come see it now before it gets so big that you can’t afford the ticket!!

 Doors at 9:30pm | 18+ | $10 Cover
Buy advance tickets HERE.

The Blind Pig is located at: 208 S 1st St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 

Coming up at the MoCAD Sat. 6/25: Analog Ladies + The Church of the Super Serge

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Analog Ladies is a group created by Elise Gargalikis for women of all kinds to meet and connect based on their love of creating and performing live electronic music. This includes analog and digital instruments. The Church of the Super Serge was founded by Dmitri Bronson in order to create a gathering for men and women to come together in the name of DIY synth builders, modular synth performers, and most importantly, to celebrate the Serge Synthesizer, the namesake of the event. The event will consist of two parts. First, a workshop by The Church of the Super Serge will instruct attendees on how to wire their very own Atari Punk Console. The workshop will be followed by an evening of performances by selected analog ladies and Slope114. 

4pm — Church of the Super Serge Workshop 
6pm — Mother Cyborg [Temple of Cyborg] - DJ set
7pm — Erika [Interdimensional Transmissions] - DJ set
8pm — Slope114 [Black Catalogue, San Francisco] - Live PA

Admission: $5 (free for MOCAD members)

Info on the Atari Punk Console: http://compiler.kaustic.net/machines/apc.html

UPCOMING: Newly announced shows from Die Antwoord, Elle King, and Fitz and The Tantrums at The Fillmore In Detroit

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The Fillmore Detroit has just announced some spectacular shows taking place in the Fall of 2016.
Here's what you have to look forward to...

 Die Antwoord on Saturday, October 15.
Presale begins Thursday at 10AM, use password: LEGEND.
Tickets go on sale to general public Friday at 10AM.
Tickets for this show range from $25.00-$50.00
All Ages Welcomed. 
Get Online Tickets HERE.

  Elle King on Sunday, October 30
Presale begins Thursday at 12PM.
Tickets go on sale to general public Friday at 12PM.
 Tickets for this show range from $20.00-$45.00 
All Ages Welcomed.
 Get Online Tickets HERE.

 Fitz and The Tantrums on Saturday, November 19.
Presale begins Thursday at 10AM.
Tickets go on sale to general public Friday at 10AM.
Tickets for this show range from $25.00-$49.50 
All Ages Welcomed.
 Get Online Tickets HERE.

The Fillmore Detroit is located at: 2115 Woodward in Detroit

UPCOMING (Fri. June 24): MUSE Fest Vol. II with Carcosa, Skating Polly, The Free Bleeders, & Porch Lights at Small’s in Hamtramck

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MUSE Fest Vol. II is taking place this Friday night at Small's in Hamtramck.

MUSE, Musicians United for Scholastic Enrichment, is an all non-profit organization established to raise funds for the Detroit/Metro area schools, children and music programs.

It is their hope to raise $25,000 by the end of the summer. These funds will be donated to two organizations: “The Lyricist Society” and “Girls Rock Detroit!” They will also be directly buying school supplies and cleaning supplies for teachers and students, as well as participating in metro area Back2School drives! This will ensure that funds go to schools and not the 3.5 billion debt that DPS is currently facing.

Joining forces Vol. II is:

 Skating Polly
The Free Bleeders
 Porch Lights
Admission: $5 or Unopened School Supplies

8pm doors / 9pm music / All ages

Small's is located at 10339 Conant St, Hamtramck, MI 48212  

Skating Polly

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