Fall Foliage

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Your New Detroit

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The New Detroit. Not to be confused with “The Next Detroit“, which was the last Detroit, not the current one.

Lot of development, and rapid changes in the Downtown and Midtown areas. In fact, if you squint real hard and try to see Detroit as only these sections near the Central Business District and the stadia…well you could get a pretty rosey impression of our old friend Detroit.


Here is the new hockey stadium across Woodward Avenue from Brush Park.


This is the new state of the art Cobo Hall convention center.


New L.E.D. street lights on many of the main roads, like this stretch of Gratiot Avenue.


New windows for the still empty and unrepaired Michigan Central Station. It is cleaned out and guarded a little better now though.


The bazillion dollar hyped up Ransom Gillis, which is a front and back flat now. Needs more landscaping, but it is pretty.


Gigantic apartment buildings as part of the Dan Gilbert developments in Brush Park. These stretch from Brush to Woodward.
I call Downtown and Brush Park “Gilbertsville” now, because it is like he is the mayor and owns it all.  I know it is collectively owned by more than one person, it’s just that the intense concentration of wealth and control could be considered distasteful to some folks.


The new rail system stretches all the way up to New Center…where it is going to stop I guess ? Not sure why they think that is a good route that people need, but anyway – there is a lot of infrastructure work going along with the light rail tracks. There is also new life in the Argonaut Building which now houses part of the College for Creative Studies campus.


Linking New Center, Midtown and Downtown will probably strengthen all three.


The historic neighborhood of Cortktown is always awesome, so long as you love pork and that giant empty train station.


Book Tower – anybody know what is happening to this poor mess of a building ?


Of course the City of Detroit does not consist of merely Midtown and Downtown. Not by far, and much of the other areas are still in unbelieveably bad condition. So bad as to threaten the sustainability of any of the successful developments around Downtown.


Let’s hope the concentration on Downtown becomes a catalyst, but I have yet to see to much of that in my lifetime.


Still – a lot of really great stuff going on around town, this is undeniable.

Packard Disastard

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Hey, how is the renovation of the historic Packard property going ?


Oh. I see it is still a hulking pile of shit which would have been condemned in any civilized society.


Hey, well at least the owner paid for some “no trespassing” signs “for the safety of the community”.


Pretty disappointing, considering all the big talk from the loon who bought this mess – we should have been drinking Starbucks coffees in the cafe that he was talking about building in the overpass above Grand Boulevard by now. Instead, he wrapped the bridge with a picture of the bridge that makes it look repaired. And you can’t go up and drink coffee in there, I tried.


If the City of Detroit had a spirit animal, it would be the Packard Plant. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it does. Packard is emblematic of Detroit’s seeming inability to pull it’s head out of it’s own ass in any meaningful, sustainable way. I know, I know…it’s trying again – really hard – as we speak. I got my fingers crossed too.













While you are waiting for the grand opening of the new Packard Plant Cultural Center and Starbucks Coffee shop and other developments, you can stay here at the charming Packard Motel. They boast original period mattresses and plumbing !

Cloverlanes, Livonia – Razed

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Cloverlanes in Livonia on Schoolcraft Road has been razed, and I apologize I was a bit late to the demolition party.
I wanted to be sure to get some photos of the signs before they come down.

The bowling alley was opened in 1962 and closed in spring of 2015, according to local newspapers.




Here is one of the pin setters in the debris.







EDITORIAL: So You Want To Be a DJ? by Ashley Holden

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So You Want To Be a DJ?
By Ashley Holden
Bringing insight from local professionals that took the dream and made it their reality

“Prove them wrong by being good and being better and being diligent and uncompromising with what you’re trying to achieve.” – DJ Thornstryker

If music were food, DJs would be the sous chefs. Each one has all the same necessary ingredients to make something magnificent; however, each result will be much different. It is the job of the DJ to mix those ingredients in a way that ensures we not only enjoy our meal, but that we also keep coming back for more. Just as master chefs come in numbers, there are numerous people trying to step on the scene and become the next best DJ. The question is then raised, with such a saturated market, how can one possibly stand out above the crowd and be successful? If this is you, the first thing you must ask yourself is, what are you bringing to the table?
“Once you find the problem and then the solution, you too can make it.” – Corey “Mr. Lightshow” Smith

If you go online now and search for the top DJs in the area, there is no doubt you’ll get more than you bargained for. There are lists and lists of people that want to become the next hottest DJ but unfortunately not all will make it. Not to discourage anyone looking to enter the field but there is a level of realism that must be understood. It is an art. And like any artist you must take the time and necessary research to perfect your craft. Much too often people make the mistake of thinking this is a job anyone can do. Besides, with all the free software out there, how hard could it be, right? Wrong. They couldn’t be more mistaken. Long time professional, DJ Paul Martindale says, “You can get all the music, but whether you mix it well and it sounds good is what matters.” Once you’ve grasped that this job won’t be easy and are ready to take your craft seriously, you’ll find that there will be plenty others that will do just the opposite. There will be people that scoff at you and tell you that it is not a “real job.”
“There are people that think they can enter this career with the bare minimum” - DJ Paul Martindale

Emily Thornhill, better known as DJ Thornstryker, house DJ for the Detroit Pistons, says, “Haters are going to hate. But that’s how you know you are doing something right, unfortunately.” We are living in the age of the dreamers and doers. Nine to five jobs are becoming obsolete and more and more people are determining that now is the time to go after the things they truly love.
So, you’ve gotten past the scoffers. You went all in and now you’re back at question one, “What do I have different to offer?” Well meet Corey Smith, also known as “Mr. Lightshow.” He has built his brand around not only being a successful DJ, but by also providing an elegant light show and certain fog effects that add an entirely different element to any event. Not only does he create a fun atmosphere, but he also enhances the dancing experience to make that moment most memorable. He originally aspired to be a police officer, but like Thornstryker, who aspired to be a dancer, Mr. Lightshow knew that if he didn’t go after this career in music he would never be completely satisfied.

“I’ve done my research and I practiced and practiced and practiced my butt off.” - Mr. Lightshow

It was not an easy journey however. Like anyone who’s taken on the dare of self-employment, they’ve had to overcome battles and learn from experiences on the job. One case in point would be an experience of Emily’s. Like many other female DJs, she battles with ensuring she is receiving equal pay for some of her shows where she’s known men to get paid more. Another would be the beginning of Corey’s career. He is self taught and therefore came across many roadblocks where he was not prepared for a gig and absolutely, “stunk  up the place,” he says. Crap happens, but when you truly desire something you find a way to get over it. Whether it’s investing in the latest equipment, hiring a manager to help you get paid fairly, or even taking the time off to perfect your craft and making a huge comeback. Whatever the obstacle is, NEVER STOP. “Obstacles can be fun, just find creative ways to get around them,” says Thornstryker.

“Elusive quality adds value.” -DJ Thornstryker

So, you’ve gotten past the scoffers, and you’ve even found something unique to bring to the table. The final and maybe most important thing to always remember is that this is also your business. You must, “Expect a certain wage,” says Martindale. When starting off, it’s acceptable to take a little less for gigs knowing that you are not yet seasoned. Once you’ve found your way around the block however, you must always remember that your work has a certain value and that’s how you begin to seal your brand. Deliver a product that is fresh, memorable, and worth the dollar spent. Emily says it best, “Your job is to make sure people have fun.” At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about.

Eastern Market Murals 3

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More Market Murals

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LIMITED RUN THIS WEEK ONLY: Shin Godzilla with English subs

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Have you guys seen this trailer? It's been around for a bit, but seriously, have you SEEN THIS TRAILER? The G-Man is back, (literally) bigger than ever, and mad as hell. I've been waiting for this one for YEARS!

Wait no longer — Funimation is doing a limited theatrical run THIS WEEK, October 11-18, in Japanese with English subtitles. No Torrenting this one, folks, this needs all the big screen real estate it can get, for that tail alone.

Go check out the Funimation page to find your local theater!

NOW THROUGH 30 OCT: Baskerville A Sherlock Holmes Mystery @ Meadowbrook

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Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
October 5 - October 30 2016
Meadow Brook Theatre
207 Wilson Hall • Rochester MI 48309

Get your deerstalker cap on — the play's afoot! Comedic genius Ken Ludwig transforms Arthur Conan Doyle's classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny adventure. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. To find their killer, Holmes and Watson must brave the desolate moors before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Watch as our intrepid investigators try to escape a dizzying web of clues, silly accents, disguises, and deceit as five actors portray more than 40 characters.

NEXT WEEKEND: Beautiful Nightmares Halloween Party Sat Oct 22

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Beautiful Nightmares
Charity Event • Makeup Artist Competition
Saturday, October 22 at 7 PM
2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202-3132, United States

Enjoy Food, Drinks, Music, Vendors and Entertainment as some of Metro Detroit’s best makeup artists square off in runway style competition that pits both beauty and effects against one another in the quest to create the most Beautiful Nightmare. Come dressed up or dressed down, the choice is yours.

The main focus of this event is to join in the fight to end human trafficking. The Sanctum House will be receiving the full profits from drink sales as well as profits from dedicated silent auction items and the Northwest Oakland Abolitionist Hub will be receiving the full profits from the silent auctions items being donated by several of our generous students and sponsors.

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