ALS and why you need to get over yourself

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We’ve all seen the videos by now. Some cynics and naysayers have trashed it because it’s taking up space in their precious social media feeds between SUPER important updates like check-ins at gyms and knowing where that kid you haven’t seen since high school went to dinner. ALS is a horrible f*cking disease. There is […]

Are you spending too much time on the what-ifs?

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Are you spending too much time on the what-ifs?

When I talk about leaving my 9 to 5 job, people always ask, “Weren’t you afraid?” And I feel slightly bad, especially when it’s someone who is currently in a state of panic over making the escape, saying, “Nope. Not once.”

As the bf and I talked about this very thing yesterday, I tried to dissect why I didn’t feel fear among the excitement and stress of quitting.

My conclusion…I didn’t allow myself to go there. I didn’t get anywhere near worry or panic and I certainly did not play the ‘what if’ game. Because no one ever wins with ‘what-ifs.’ It’s pointless and a waste of time and if you’re working to leave your job I guarantee you have better things to think about!

Now, I absolutely considered crickets and tumbleweeds in my email, template sales falling short, my bank account drying up. Those are very real things we face as solopreneurs. But, what stopped me from descending into total panic was knowing through and through, without ever having to completely form the thoughts in my mind, that I’m a hustler and that I did not, under any circumstances want to find myself in a cubicle again.

So instead of heading toward the what-ifs, my brain automatically pointed me toward the I-woulds.

  • I would make more templates to boost shop sales
  • I would start consulting to add to my income
  • I would write guest posts every day to generate traffic
  • I would contact past clients to see what else I could do for them
  • I would sell my possessions to get some quick cash
  • I would eat in and walk/bike to save money
  • I would crank out an ebook or a workshop to build income
  • I would promote that I have space for a few extra clients

The I-woulds helped me feel in control, helped me create a backup plan, and helped me avoid worrying about things that hadn’t happened yet.

Feeling the what-ifs coming on? Get out your notebook and start writing a list of I-woulds instead – all the things that you, a badass hustlin’ babe, already have in your arsenal to keep you afloat.

Need some more inspiration for your escape? I’ve got a whole bunch right here >>>

See How Ben Affleck Reps Detroit While Taking The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Does your opt-in incentive benefit your blog?

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Does your email opt-in incentive benefit your blog?

If you’ve read any sort of blogging or business guide lately, you know one of the biggest recommendations is to start an email list. Which, I’m guessing you’ve already done. (if not, I’ve got a post to get you going right here)

When starting an email list, the importance of creating some sort of incentive has likely been impressed upon you. Sure, some people will sign up just to get extra content from you, but MORE people will join if you provide them with a free ebook, email series, webinar, or something of the like. Plus it’s once of the best ways to show off your expertise and spend time with a reader outside of your blog and social media.

So why is it that I’m seeing so many people sharing ebooks and guides on topics that have NOTHING to do with their blog?

They’re sharing great content that is trendy, BUT doesn’t have anything to do with THEIR niche. While desktop wallpapers and blogging advice are extremely popular, if you aren’t a graphic designer or write about blogging on a weekly basis, why is that paired with your email list?

When creating an incentive, you’ll want to choose a topic that you write about regularly, whether it’s travel, baking, or raising kids – stay within your niche! If someone is just joining your email list for the first time, it’s likely they haven’t been reading for long, so this is a great way to create a connection, share a little more about yourself, and show off what you know.

Spend the time to create long-form high quality content so they’ll be sucked in for hours. Give them something to work on and come back to read more. Make your incentive so addicting that after reading that they will come back to your blog and dig into your archives too.

It’s been done to me (there are currently three blogs that I’ve read present all the way back to post no. 1) and I know you can create something that will have the same effect on your new readers too!

What’s your blogging niche and what’s your email incentive? Do we have a match??

Blog Love

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This week was for coding and installing two client designs, finally finishing my own redesign, skipping most of my aerial classes to fight off a cold, watching Beverly Hills 90201 reruns, and a trip up to Irvine with Vanessa to see Paramore/Fall Out Boy.

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My Room Tour

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Kari’s bedroom tour!! Of course by the time you are viewing this her room is no longer this clean or organized =)


Bragging about the Badass Babes

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Badass Babes Blog Club + E-CourseToday’s post is pretty much gonna be me bragging :)

I’m so proud of what the Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course has turned into. When I created the course and the community, I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d end up with. It was my first time creating anything this extensive. I had high hopes for it could be, but it would depend on the women who signed up to actually participate and bring it to life. We’re only two sessions in and I’m already blown away!

Running the hangouts is always a highlight of my week. It was very important to me, when building this community, that it would be a space where women would be able to work together. I was tired of all the jealousy and cattiness I was seeing on Twitter. I don’t know if it’s the community or these ladies, but they’re so supportive and excited to help each other. Anytime someone shares a new project or a launch it turns into an amazing focus group with great ideas and constructive criticism. Even I end up learning new things and getting inspired!

Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course

And of course it makes me feel great to see the improvements all of the women are making and hearing that they’re seeing results and feeling more confident online.

So yeah, giant shout out to all of my Badass Babes!! (You can meet them all here)

If this sounds like the community for you, join the email list and I’ll let ya know when registration will open again! (likely end of August, early Sept)

Not One To Advocate Copying, But Detroit Needs One Of These…

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When Copenhagen started building a new network of separated bike lanes in the early 1980s, it quickly became a model of how to take a city back from cars. Now, more people bike than drive in the city center, and in the city as a whole, more people commute to work by bike than in the entire U.S. combined. But the city is aiming for even more bike commuters, and keeps building new

Notes to my younger self

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Somewhere in my mid-twenties feeling out of place at a country bar

Sarah from Yes and Yes is truly one Badass Babe, so when she asked me to write a post for the launch of  The Post College Survival Kit, of course I said yes! You don’t have to wait till your thirties for a better job, a cuter apartment, financial stability, better relationships + friendships. So today I am sending a few reminders back to my 22-year-old self…

Be a little slutty

Oh that boy – the one in the band with the hair and the smile. The one you’ve been dating for four years now…he’s such a good guy, but kiss him goodbye (you won’t you’ll stick it out until year six). You’re 22 and cute and fun and you need to be dating a bunch of jerks so you can figure out what you want in a relationship and what you don’t. Get that shit out of the way now so you can avoid the guy with commitment issues and the guy with kids and the guy with an ex-wife later on and get to the guy that had his shit together sooner! (and of course wrap it up because we ain’t got time for babies over here – you’ve got shit to conquer!)

Hang on to your girlfriends

You had some really good girlfriends in your early twenties. Six of them to be exact and all six of them have since faded into your past. Some of them because you fought and didn’t put time into repairing your friendships, some of them because you found different interests and grew apart. There are a couple of those friendships you probably should have been more stubborn about holding on to, but closing in on 31 you’ll find yourself with an entirely new group of lady friends through aerial and blogging. Try to take a little better care of your friendships.

Save your pennies

Ok, you kind of kicked ass on this one. You knew you needed to earn more than you spent and saved your pennies. You avoided the dreaded post-college credit card bill and skipped all those beautiful pairs of shoes because you had your eyes on the prize. Good girl! You saved like a pro and bought yourself a house at 25. Pass GO and collect $200!

Don’t panic over the job

The job wasn’t so bad for the first few years. You learned how to better use Photoshop and Dreamweaver and how to think a step ahead of the boss, so you always looked awesome and on top of things. You learned how to deal with coworkers who emailed…and then called…and then stopped by your desk. (answer: turn off the ringer on your phone and go to the bathroom when you see the call light flashing) And, just like a relationship, you learned what you didn’t want. Yes, there was a moment of panic, but you’re gonna figure it out because…

Work hard and the right opportunities will show up

That thing you’re super passionate about – it will show up. So you worked at a corporate job for years and then panicked that it wasn’t the right path for you. Keep going, try new things, wiggle around in what you like and see if you can make your heart skip a beat. Don’t worry, it seems like you need to figure it out ASAP, but you don’t. There’s no time limit to nailing down your career and you can always change your mind (because you were smart and saved your pennies). You’re gonna be shocked when not one, but two amazing jobs show up and take you for a ride.

Learn to speak up

Learn to say no, tell people what you need, and ask for what you want. You got through high school and college staying relatively quiet, but once you’re out on your own you need to trust your voice. You will, slowly, but it will take a while to realize that people won’t judge you and more often than not, they’ll appreciate what you have to contribute. Also, I hate to tell you, but people can’t read you mind. If you need something or want something you have to ask for it.

Try everything

Take all the opportunities, all the risks, and say yes to everything. You’ve got more energy in your twenties then you’ll ever have, take advantage of it. Don’t be too responsible, don’t worry too much, just have adventures. At some point you’re gonna be a little more nailed down (not by 30 apparently), you’ll have less freedom (still not by 30), and if you stay up past midnight drinking you’ll feel like you were hit by a truck in the morning (yep, thanks 30!).

Hop over to Sarah’s site and check out the wisdom from a bunch of fantastic women who made past 25 and are still kicking ass  and check out The Post College Survival Kit! 

Meet The Detroit Activist Who Stars In Apple’s New iPad Ad

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Photo via Apple Apple's newest iPad commercial turns the spotlight on Detroit community activist Jason Hall, co-founder of a massive weekly group bike ride through the city. The 30- and 60-second spots — part of the "Your Verse" campaign that focuses on how creative folks use the iPad — shine a lyrical light on Detroit too, where Hall's Slow Roll bike ride is attracting upwards of 3,000

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