The NY Times Is Talking About Detroit Again……

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Photo: The entrepreneur Jerry Paffendorf bought a vacant lot in Detroit for $500 back in 2010. And then he did something truly unusual — maybe even unique — with it. He created a map that parceled the land on East Vernor Highway Street into a grid of 10,000 one-inch squares, and he invited people to be inch-vestors in the property for $1 a square. About 600 people from

In The Works! New Community Garden And Farmers Market Coming To Detroit!

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The Project Wolverine Human Services plans to build a community garden and training site that will be cultivated by the residents of the streets surrounding the Wolverine Center and the John S Vitale Community Center. It will include the following key components: A community garden with raised beds and paved pathways for growing herbs and vegetables that meets ADA Accessibility regulations

Lake Michigan

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After a work trip to Traverse City, I made my way down Lake Michigan to visit the fam. We had grand plans to visit the beach two days in a row, but rain, yet again thwarted these plans. Luckily, a few of us were able to make our way to Grand Haven for some frozen yogurt and a quick beach visit before the thunder and lightning rolled in Saturday night.
[bodysuit c/o Boohoo, shorts by Levi's, Billabong kimono c/o Lulus (last year), bag by Louis Vuitton, necklace by Clyde's Rebirth, watch c/o Obaku, eyelash extensions by Michelle at the Standard]
My sweet pea baby cousin finally warmed up to me! She let me hold her and pinch her cheeks (after bribing her with a reese's cup. Shit works wonders.) I snapped so many photos of her playing in the water in her little dress. So precious!

21st Century education outcomes

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Michigan Future is working on its first ever state policy agenda. The agenda will be designed to identify state policies that can raise living standards of all Michiganders.

A  big component of the agenda will be improving education attainment. Below is how we are thinking about education policy. Starting with what capacities are we trying to build in all kids. We should backward map from where we are trying to get rather than start with the tactical debates which are driving our politics today.

Our education policy recommendations are built on two core principles:

First, that all children deserve the same education no matter who their parents are. Without that we cannot live up to the core American value of equal opportunity for all. We are on the opposite track at the moment as both a country and a state.

The education that is provided for affluent kids is, by and large, designed and executed differently than it is for non-affluent kids. One system delivering a broad college prep (dare we say liberal arts) education, the other increasingly delivering a narrow education built around developing discipline and what is on the test or now going back to narrowly preparing others’ children for a first job.

The second is that none of us have a clue what the jobs and occupations of the future will be. Today’s job are not a good indicator of what jobs will be when today’s K-12 students finish their careers in the 2050s or 2060s. We simply don’t know how smarter and smarter machines are going to change labor markets. So the purpose of pre K-12 education (maybe even pre K-16) is to build foundation skills that allow all Michigan children to have the agility and ability to constantly switch occupations. Our analogy: to be successful rock climbers, rather than climbing a predictable, linear career ladder.

What are the attributes we want our children to possess when they graduate from high school? The best place to begin to answer these question is with the schools where the affluent send their children and grandchildren.

The renowned Cranbrook Schools mission statement is:

Cranbrook Schools are independent day and boarding schools that provide students with a challenging and comprehensive college preparatory education. We motivate students from diverse backgrounds to strive for intellectual, creative, and physical excellence, to develop a deep appreciation for the arts and different cultures, and to employ the technological tools of our modern age. Our schools seek to instill in students a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, the ability to think critically, and the competence to communicate and contribute in an increasingly global community.

One of the traditional public school districts where residents pay a housing price premium so their kids can attend the schools is West Bloomfield. Their mission and vision statement:

The West Bloomfield School District educates students to be their best in and for the world. … We will develop socially responsible citizens empowered to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, and who are characterized by curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate.

These schools are broadly representative of the schools affluent parents send their kids to. They are about far more than students getting good tests scores (although academic achievement matters to them all) and these schools reject the notion that schooling should be about preparing students for today’s jobs or about meeting today’s job demand of Michigan employers. Increasingly the two standards we are asking of schools.

Instead what we should be asking of all pre K-12 schools is an education that prepares students for adult life in all its dimensions, not just for a job or even a career. An education that prepares students to pursue their dreams any place on the planet, not just here in Michigan. An education that is about being a lifelong learner, not just someone that scores well on a standardized test today.

Michigan’s current pre K-12 system is focused primarily on building content specific, left brain, cognitive skills. The kind of skills that are on standardized tests. Pre Common Core at not very rigorous levels in Michigan. It is increasingly clear that those skills are not what employers are primarily looking for nor are they the most important skills for college success.

What matters more are both the non cognitive skills detailed in Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed: grit, self control, zest, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity. And non content specific cognitive skills delineated by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21): creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking (the Four Cs). The Four Cs were developed out of a frustration by leading-edge companies with the skills recent graduates were bringing to the workplace.

Most of the schools in Michigan today that are organized around building broad skills, like the Four Cs, are schools which affluent students attend. Private schools and public schools districts with a high proportion of students from affluent families where most parents have a four year degree or more. These are schools designed from early childhood on to be college prep schools. The parents understand that the most reliable path to good-paying careers is a four year degree or more and the development of a broad, non-occupational specific, skill set that will build a foundation for their children to be successful over a forty year career which will be characterized by constant change.

If Michigan is going to a place with a broad middle class, if employers are going to have the long term supply of skilled workers they need and if Michigan is going to be a place once again where kids regularly do better than their parents it will happen first and foremost because the state made a commitment to provide an education system for all from early childhood through higher education that builds broad skills with rigor that are the foundation of successful forty year careers.

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Tomorrow! McDonald’s Celebrates Detroit’s B-Day With FREE Boston Coolers!

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Do You Need a Coach?

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Being a coach, it is an unfortunate belief that I am always going to push the importance of a coach and that it is always a great idea to hire one. But, you all know I’m more about upfront honesty than a hard sell! I want anyone hiring a coach to be doing it at the right time and for the right reasons. Sometimes it is just not the right choice or the right time. I have had a couple women come to me about hiring me for coaching and, believe it or not, I have actually helped them realize that maybe it’s not the right thing for them right now. I have done this because I care about their success and their investment and maybe they just weren’t quite there yet.

Coaching Takes Work on Your Part

For example, coaching requires a lot of work, commitment, and inspires change in many facets of your life and business. So, if your absolute priority right now is the need to keep things the same, then it is probably not an investment that you are really ready to make. There is nothing wrong with needing some stability, sometimes we all need that in life. Maybe you have gone through some major changes and upheaval recently and you just need some time for recovery. Coaching requires you being able to look forward into the future and for you to make changes, and sometimes if you are in a fragile or delicate place then it may not be right for you and could even do more harm than good, in some situations. Healing may need to happen before you can make the progressive changes that coaching brings. Therapy is always a great option for help during your healing time.

Coaching is NOT a Blueprint

Additionally, maybe you are just looking for a best practice, a blueprint, or a tried and true path to a certain achievement or goal. There are some coaches out there that market themselves like that. They lay claim to having a blueprint and a path of how they achieved something and that you will do it that way too—you will achieve precisely the same results. Those coaches are really a bit of a hybrid. What they are actually selling is more of a product than a full coaching experience. They really fit more into the realm of a business consultant than a true coach. A coach will ask you a bunch of how and why questions about what you are looking to accomplish. How will it fit into your plan? How will it mesh with your priorities and your lifestyle? These are questions you will need to answer for yourself and your coach.

Coaching Helps You Find Your Version of Success

The time to hire a coach is when you are really ready to make adjustments and changes for the sake of progress. When you find yourself saying “I’ve tried this and that” or “I’ve GOT to make the changes or decisions and I know what I need to do, but I don’t know how.” A coach will help you to determine what is really best for yourself, your business, and your family on a one-on-one basis.

It’s very easy to get sucked into every different version of success, but which one is the best for you, your business and your lifestyle right now? Some people can spend $10,000 on a program that requires 60 hours per week of work to achieve the results, but they just had a new baby. That simply isn’t realistic and is going to require you to push yourself far too much and you may still not achieve the results because there are simply different needs for mompreneurs. A coach will help you to develop the goals that you need to fit with the stage of life that you’re in.

Coaching Means Support and Accountability

My core belief is that people need to decipher what their priorities are, then have support to create goals that align with those priorities. The last piece of the puzzle is having someone to help them stay accountable to those goals. I believe the most crucial time to hire a coach is when you have a major lifestyle change. Things like having a new baby, quitting a part-time job or getting a job, retiring, adding on employees or expanding your business are times when you could use the clarity and assistance that a coach can really provide.

In the end, it is not always right to hire a coach and that’s perfectly fine. It is always important to do what is best for you, your business, and your family. Feel free to connect with me and we can do a free 20 minute strategy call and I will help you determine if it’s your time for coaching!

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Detroit Retailer ‘Detroit Is The New Black’ Opens This Weekend!

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Detroit Is The New Black Opening: Sunday, July 24 Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM  Sunday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM 1426 Woodward Avenue

Next Week! 2nd Annual Dodgeball Tournament In Campus Martius, Benefiting Detroit Youth

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Be a part of a fun and active twist on happy hour with a playful game of dodgeball while supporting the youth of Detroit on Thursday, July 28,2016 at 5:00 pm in Cadillac Square, just East of Campus Martius, 800 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI! Last year, Dodge for Detroit raised over $20,000 to provide much needed funding for Scouting’s outreach programs to provide character development,

THIS SEPT: Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival—Check out this lineup!

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Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival
Saturday, September 3, 2016
DTE Energy Music Theatre (Pine Knob)
7774 Sashabaw Rd, Clarkston, MI 48348

Sebastian Maniscalco
Brian Regan
John Mulaney
Cameron Esposito
Donnell Rawlings
(the wildly funny) Iliza Shlesinger
Tom Segura
Tony Hinchcliffe
Jeff Ross
and the IFC Slight Off Comedy Stage

Today! Connect With Your Fellow Detroiters Over A Fun Game Of Connect Four!

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It's been a pretty intense month, with an extra dose of political divisiveness. We want to counter this with more connection & love. Inspired by a story from NYC, DDF creative director Melinda "MeMe" Anderson is dusting off her Connect Four sets and inviting us all to play together this Friday. Over friendly games, they'll also be collecting creative ideas for a more connected city. Connect

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