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It's been so hot and all I've wanted is to rock this vest with a silk top without the consequence of sweat and overheating. And so I'm wearing it today while I'm indoors enjoying air conditioning and the ability to layer without cursing the heat and humidity. 
I also found the perfect leather backpack to switch it up from the shoulder bag or tote I'm usually carrying. I've avoided backpacks since high school, fearing it was too juvenile, but I'm 29 and will find any excuse to maintain any semblance of youth, especially when it's a beautiful leather knapsack that's practical for my lifestyle.
[Sleeveless Trench Coat c/o Missguided, Equipment top from Syllabus, shorts by Levi's, Brighton Backpack c/o Patricia Nash, Birkenstock sandals]
Photos by Kyle Keberlein


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Dirt Fest is another must attend festival. Here's you chance to go as a VIP. Share, tag @DIRTFEST, hashtag #DIRTFEST2015 this photo. Winner will be announced Wednesday August 5.

Employment in Michigan and Minneosta II

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In my last post we explored the differences in the employment to population ratio in Michigan compared to Minnesota by gender, race and age. We found that across the board, with the exceptions of Asians, Minnesotans work more than Michiganders. So much so that if the proportion of Michiganders who worked was the same as Minnesotans there would be 847,000 more Michiganders working today.

Another troubling component of the data is the differences in the number of people in each age cohort. There are 665,000 Minnesotans age 16-24. These are the new entrants into the labor market. There are 675,000 Minnesotans age 55-64. These are those soon to be exiting the labor market. Roughly in balance. Not so in Michigan. There are 1,194,000 Michiganders age 16-24. There are 1,363,000 Michiganders age 55-64. A difference of 169,000. Add to that that more 16-24 year old Minnesotans work than Michiganders of the same age: 60.9 percent compared to 51.5 percent and you have the recipe for structural labor shortages in Michigan. Too few labor force participants to supply the workers needed by Michigan employers over the long term.

In a terrific Bridge column Kurt Metzger summarizes Michigan’s age challenge this way: “In 2000, Michigan was the 22nd youngest state in the country based on the median age of its population – 35.5 years. Florida’s median age was 3.2 years higher. In 2013, Michigan was the 42nd youngest population with a median age of 39.6 years. Florida is now only 1.9 years higher.”

This demographic reality is one of the biggest challenges facing Michigan economy going forward. And like some many other structural challenges, we are not dealing with it. Michigan employers in every industry and occupation are likely to face labor shortages in the not to distant future. Not just in the skilled trades, but across the board. It will be most severe in those occupations which require higher skills because Michigan remains under educated compared to the country.

Add to that, as William Frey details in his terrific new book Diversity Explosion, labor force growth in America is going to come primarily from Latinos and Asians––two groups that are very under concentrated in Michigan––you get a challenge where the solutions are not obvious.

For years we have ended our presentations with “Either Michigan gets younger and better educated or we will get poorer.” These are two of the most serious economic challenges Michigan needs to deal with. The solutions are, almost certainly, not the low tax/small government/less regulation so-called business friendly policies that has been the almost exclusive economic agenda pursued by Michigan policy makers for way too long. Its time for a new agenda.

there would be 847,000 more Michiganders working today. Michigan employment would grow from 4.40 to 5.25 million. – See more at:
there would be 847,000 more Michiganders working today. Michigan employment would grow from 4.40 to 5.25 million. – See more at:

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The windiest day

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Phew! The weekend went by way too fast. It's currently thunder-storming like crazy outside, after the windiest day ever. I loved this weekend though. Fun plans, but still enough time to get some stuff done. On Friday night, we went out for tapas with two of our best friends, and it was so much fun! Saturday, Eric played a festival in south Michigan, so I ran around doing a million errands and cleaning up the apartment. We ended up going to Grand Haven last night for a Coast Guard party, and I got to see the fireworks! Today, I hosted a small baby shower for a friend, and Eric and I ran out to snap some photos before ordering pizza + watching movies all night. My kind of weekend!

I'm collaborating with Unique Vintage for the next couple of months on their #iamunique Style Society! I love this simple black dress, and it's super flattering! Typically I gravitate toward flowy clothing, but this dress is perfect with almost no additional styling. Especially because it has been so hot, I love pieces like this where you can just throw it on and go. 

Have a great week, guys! I'm looking forward to this one. Besides a couple of nights out, we don't have anything scheduled, which I love. I'm going to start a new 5K training plan, play tennis with Eric, grill some meals at home, clean the apartment, and just try to be as productive as possible! Next weekend, one of my best friends gets married, and we've been planning alongside each other all year, and I'm so excited for her wedding! xo

Outfit details:
Black Keyhole Birdie Knit Fit & Flare Dress c/o Unique Vintage
Madewell The Braided Sightseer Sandal

A Michigan Farmer’s Market

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Maybe it's been my reluctance to eat fruits and vegetables, but I had never made it to the farmer's market at the capitol in my ten years of living in Lansing. My friend Sam of Samantha Elizabeth asked me to snap a few photos and now that I like veggies (and some fruit) and learned of the huge variety of goods at the market, I made it a priority to attend. 
My haul included apple spice donuts (sugar coated and plain), a chocolate croissant, spicy salsa and whole wheat chips, fresh-baked bread with red pepper flakes, jalapenos, green peppers, spicy pickled asparagus and daylillies. If I would've had time, I could've done more damage! I twisted Hannah's arm in coming to help me shop and lend her pretty face for a few photos. I compensated her with my lasting friendship and a sugar coated donut.
I can't wait to shop the next farmer's market on August 27 and September  24. I need more donuts and well-priced jalapenos in my life. 

This Month in Rochester History

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Fifty years ago this month, Michigan Christian College (now Rochester College) began a 54-acre expansion of its campus on West Avon Road.  In 1957, the North Central Christian College Association had acquired the former Maxon estate on Avon as the location of a new school.  North Central Christian College welcomed its first students in 1959, and changed its name to Michigan Christian College in 1961.  It became Rochester College in 1997.

Back in August of 1965, college leaders were planning for an expected student enrollment of 250 to 275 students by starting construction of a new classroom and office building, as well as a student center and library facility.  Today, Rochester College has an enrollment well over 1,000 students and offers bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Musician/Storyteller Jill Tracy to appear at the 5th annual Corpus Illuminata Exposition of Anatomic Interpretation

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DETROIT, MI - The Corpus Illuminata Exposition of Anatomic Interpretation is proud to announce and welcome a special honored guest to it's 5th annual event...composer, musician, storyteller, and sonic archaeologist JILL TRACY (San Francisco).  Since 1995, Jill Tracy has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her eerie and beautiful cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour, and curious passion for strange tales.  She has been hailed by the LA Weekly as the "cult darling of the Underworld," and San Francisco Chronicle has named her the "femme fatale for the thinking man."  With six albums to her credit, her dark seductive music has appeared on CBS, NBC, PBS, and numerous independent and feature films.
Within Corpus Illuminata on Friday August 14th, Jill Tracy will share her intimate experiences with the renowned Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, the nation's foremost collection of medical oddities, to which she became the first musician in history to receive a grant to compose within the museum itself.  Then on Saturday August 15th, she will close the exposition with a rare solo performance within the gallery amidst the anatomic/medical-inspired artwork.
This will mark Jill Tracy's second visit to Detroit since her well-received performance at the DAMNED Exhibition's Masquerade Ball in 2009.  The full lecture outline of presenters and topics will be available August 1st.
Visit Jill Tracy's official website:
Corpus Illuminata is held on August 14th and 15th 2015 at Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom  in Detroit and consists of one part exhibition of anatomic-inspired artwork, one part academia of accredited presentations and one part bazaar of medical antiquities and oddities.
For further information and updates, please visit any of the links below to the Corpus WebsiteFacebook newsgroup or Facebook event page.
We look forward to your attendance.
Corpus Illuminata V ~ An Anatomic Interpretation
Artwork / Antiquities / Lectures / Bazaar
August 14 & 15 2015 - Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom
715 E Milwaukee St, Detroit, MI 48202
# # #
Jill Tracy is also available for interviews.

Jill Tracy - YouTube
"the elegant side of the netherworld."-- composer, pianist, singer, storyteller, musical evocateur, woman of mystery... Jill Tracy will transport you into a seductive and magical realm far beyond the Everyday. The place where we wished we lived. A dark, elegant netherworld full of hidden passageways, wonder cabinets, and opium dens.

Mailing address: Corpus Media, 2679 E Grand Blvd‎, Suite 304, Detroit, MI, 48211, USA

Call For Art – The 8th Annual DAMNED Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness

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damned -adj. 1. condemned to eternal punishment.
2. detestable; loathsome. 3. complete; absolute
Within the word, it is easy to envision devils and hellfire. However, it also reflects the eternal condemnation of self and the subtle mind against itself. It may reflect the emotional trappings within the haunting ghosts of the past. Perhaps the binding tendrils of our deepest longings or deprivations.
DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary artists who know that without darkness, there is no light, that beauty does reside within the repulsive and enlightenment within our darkest hours. This art may be the one true reflection of self that make us balanced within our personal damnations...or possibly it is an expressive visual therapy...or simply a sign that there is amazingly inexplicable inside without comparison.
Artists of all mediums from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit their work for DAMNED. There are no restrictions on genre or content but the more deeply personal and powerfully introspective, the better. There are no fees to submit and the deadline is September 13 2015.
For further information and to submit, please visit: 
For further details on the DAMNED Exhibition, please visit "" or email us at "".
# # # 
DAMNED VIII - An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness
Fine Art + Performance + Fine Dining + Masquerade Ball
October 29/30/31 2015 - Tangent Gallery - Detroit
@thatdamnedshow > Fb/G+/Tw

Mix Tape July

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At the Moment:
We’re enjoying the summer while it is still here – I can’t believe school starts in 6 weeks! We’ve spent this month at the beach, the fountains, the pool, a gazillion parks, the lake and in the sprinklers. I haven’t been this tan in years. Roy & Della got to go to their first movie in a theater, and I also got to take a mom’s weekend away with my BFF, which was pretty much the best weekend all year. Dan & I even had a date night with sushi and Terminator Genisys.

Reware Vintage had a small summer shop update, and many of my favorite items sold within hours of posting them. I loved spending the day with Goodwill at the YB Blue Pop-Up Shop at Eastern Market. We had a crazy weekend at the Mo Pop Festival in the Handmade Detroit Craft Bazaar – it was SO much fun! And finally, a two day buying trip that ended with a car FULL of clothes for the site and a bunch of treasures for our family, too.


An insane amount of new jewelry for the Mo Pop Fest, new minimalist displays (well, Dan made those), and new cards & notebooks too. A couple of new earrings are now in the shop, more jewelry to come in August!

Shopping and Drooling Over:

Adult Coloring. I love it. I got this 1990s book and this Midcentury Pattern one and have really enjoyed coloring them in my spare moments! Highly recommend!

Dr. Martens is now making kid versions of the sandals I love.

This Sailor Moon shirt. Nothing more needs to be said.

I finally gave in and got myself a new bathing suit, one that I’ve been swooning over on the Modcloth site for ages. And I completely love it! It is seriously flattering and totally comfortable. Thanks, Modcloth!

and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now:
Opening applications for Detroit Urban Craft Fair, binge watching Twin Peaks for the first time, visits from the Westons, orange sherbet cupcakes, massages, designing new packaging, planning out another couple family vacations, and hanging new art up on our walls.

Looking Forward to:
DIYpsi, Dan taking a well-deserved camping trip, and diving into a couple of new books in August!


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Last month, I set my fears (and insecurities) to the side to try aerial yoga. It's always intimidated me, but seemed like so much fun and a great way to build strength. Firefly Hot Yoga Bar invited me and my friends to try out a class with Elissa and realized I was capable of more than I thought I was. Sure, Elissa made every move look as seamless and smooth as if it were second nature, but after a couple tries, I was doing a few moves myself! It was a great way to get some good stretches in and work on my lackluster flexibility. If any friends in the area or beyond want to try, they have aerial classes on Wednesday and Sunday!
me..considerably less graceful
It was such a great experience, thank you Elissa and Kylie!
If you're local, you must check out Firefly Hot Yoga Bar! There's a variety of hot yoga classes and aerial! And it's the most beautiful space.

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