#365dog – Week 29

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Day 197
I made Karli give the Chick-fil-A cow a kiss before she could get some dinner!

Day 198
dance nationals
Karli had dance nationals in Kalahari. I thought the girls performed their very best and while they didn’t take home the top scores, they gave it their all.

Day 199
Second day of dance nationals. On the way home we stopped to have a Sonic burger and milkshake. Karli thought it was so delicious and said we need a Sonic by our house. We actually have one about 15 minutes away, but have never eaten there. So was pretty excited to hear that!

Day 200
I am a genius. Getting the kids a pool toy that encourages more fighting.

Day 201
boys room
Painting the boys room and they wanted to keep the red stripe so LOTS of trim work. Painting over the blues with a light gray for Bedford colors NOT Ohio State, haha!

Day 202
boys room
All done and boy is my back feeling it.

Day 203
I’m loving this season of the Bachelorette. It’s crazy to think how many years I have watched this show…from the beginning. I can’t imagine anyone is confused about who she is going to choose. Pretty easy to see!


Preparing for Baby: The Choices We Make

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When you get pregnant, especially when the pregnancy is an unexpected surprise especially, especially when it's an unexpected surprise to Chris, who meticulously plans every move he makes There is a natural concern Chris spends a lot of time thinking about finances he is the type of person who takes his time, mulls things over and plans While I make a decision, stick to it, run with it, and

Chubby Bunny Challenge

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Our most requested video thus far has been the Chubby Bunny Challenge. At the beginning you will also get a taste as to what it’s like to film a video with Chase and Karli. They are a riot, but they also drive me batty at times. But hey, that’s their job I suppose. I hope you all are having a good summer!

On a sidenote… we are really starting to make some decent money off of our videos. So sorry if this blog has turned into just video after video, but right now that is really what I have been enjoying and with the limited time that I do have that is what I have been focusing on. I’ve also found that the older our kids get there is less and less that I really feel I can write about. Our blog is public and is shared with family and friends and I can’t just write about whatever is on my mind. If I did I would probably tick a lot of people off. Haha!! If you do watch our videos, please feel free to comment on YouTube or at least give it a thumbs up. Both of those things help our channel immensely. Thanks!!


Reverb 14: Sweet Green Summer

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Summer Time Blues | It’s mid-summer and we’ve got the summer time blues.  Tell us how you’re feeling at this mid-summer check in point.  Do you have the summer time blues?  How do snap out of it?  Or if you’re still loving summer, what’s been going great? It's mid-summer and I have no sign of the blues. Summer brings absolute joy.  Even the summer labor is work I enjoy.  If working also

Fun in Oregon

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If you're like me, you might not know that "Oregon" actually more closely rhymes with "fun" than "on." That was one of the first things I learned upon arriving in the state in late June for our most recent family vacation. More importantly, I learned that Oregon is a beautiful and fun-filled destination for a family adventure with our intrepid traveler, Elliot.

Highlights of the week or so we split between coastal town Cannon Beach and hipster hangout Portland include:

  • Tidal pools: When I think of starfish, I used to think of dried-up, sand-colored creatures. No longer. Since we had the opportunity to wade through the tidal pools that form around the 220-foot high Haystack Rock during low tide periods, I now know that starfish come in colors including orange and purple. We marveled at the number of shellfish attached to the rocks and the brilliant colors of the anemones. And, we got to look through telescopes and see nesting puffins high up in the rocks.
  •  Hiking: Buying Elliot his very first pair of hiking boots before our trip was a flash of inspiration. One day, he hiked three miles! Up and down hills, through mud, over tree roots and rocks went out nimble-footed almost five-year-old. Whenever there was an opportunity to further explore, Elliot took it...whether is was using a downed tree as a pathway or seeing how many tree trunk hole "animal shelters" he could squeeze into.
  • Portland Blues Festival: Tim, Elliot and I love live music, and when we're on vacation, we really enjoy attending local events. The waterfront Portland Blues Festival was a great chance to blend in with the Portlanders and listen to some tunes on a beautiful night. And, we just happened to catch Los Lonely Boys, a band we actually know!
  •  Ice cream: No vacation would be complete without ice cream, and the ice cream we enjoyed in Portland was especially memorable. We went to two artisan ice cream shops where we sampled homemade flavors like bourbon coffee (not Elliot), strawberry balsamic and ooey-gooey brownie. One advertised flavor none of us was brave enough to try was habanero goat cheese marionberry!
Throughout our trip, Elliot literally skipped and danced with delight while playing on the (chilly) beach, wandering through the Japanese Gardens, exploring the zoo and just meandering down the streets. So, we knew he was having fun...and so were we. And that's the most important part of any vacation.

An Ending

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Today is our very last nursing shift - as of this writing, there is less than an hour left.  Leaf was successfully decannulated (had her trach permanently removed) on the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day indeed.

It's just as well - the continuing little issues of having nursing have reached a point of overload, and I need to have my house back, where things don't disappear or get used up without notice.

Leaf has been going to daycare 2 days a week for the last month or so, and enjoys it. They're nervous about her g-tube, but they don't have to use it, so it's all good.

Acorn is in summer school 3 mornings a week, and at daycare the rest of the time, in preparation for Kindergarten, Take 2. He's made so much progress with speaking lately, that I wonder how much he'll need the new communication device we're waiting on - it'll be needed, but he can make himself clear now with some prompting.

And everyone got new bikes this spring - Leaf got an adaptive tricycle, and Acorn got a 2-wheeler with training wheels. Acorn is not so sure about riding his bike out and about, but Leaf is very serious about riding hers. We're hoping to plan some outings with some of Acorn's school friends to encourage him to ride.

So....yeah. There's a lot of re-organizing to do, and re-arranging in Leaf's room, and supplies to be given away, but we are officially a trach free house again! Time for a celebration I think!

Baby Update

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Yesterday was THE APPOINTMENT all major decisions by my team of health care professionals would be revealed to me If my echo went one way, I'd probably be checked in and delivering now if it was good and obviously it was, then we'd proceed The echo showed zero change given the increase in blood flow and stress on the heart zero change is pretty amazing my aortic graft and little pig valve

Sweet Anticipation

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I'm trying to stay in the moment Enjoy. This. and not focus too much on the future It's hard, though Chris talks to baby everyday he feels her kick and move I can't wait to see him as a Father because this is something neither of us expected to happen it is something we agreed wouldn't happen when I started on chemo It seems even more special that it did When I first started dating Chris, I knew

#365dog – Week 28

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Day 189
Finished the second book Where She Went in one day. So good! If you like mushy young love kinda books

Day 190
ice cream
Yummy in my tummy!

Day 191
big brother
Crazy season of Big Brother…loving it!

Day 192
andrew thumb
Ouch! Andrew sliced his thumb open at work. Thank goodness no stitches, just glue and some steri strips. Oh and paper duty at work for a few days. LOL

Day 193
Blake 14th
Blake was finally able to celebrate his birthday with some friends!!

Day 194
pups sunbathing
Spending Sunday sunbathing with the pups!

Day 195
karli's book
Karli is writing a book about a girl named Lexi who is a gymnast and wants to be in the Olympics someday. This is her book cover.

Day 196
just because
Roses from Ken, just because :)


Homegrown Happy

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I looked out the back kitchen window. The towels waved on the line like flags, obscuring the chicken coup. But not so much that I couldn't see the chickens poking in the dirt and kicking their feet. Something about the way they move always makes me laugh. Beyond the coup the garden appeared jungle like and unruly.  But there was absolute method in the madness.   I was having one of those rough

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