Jim Harbaugh Will Host a Satellite Camp with ‘The Georgia Coach’

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With the ban lifted, two big-time programs have teamed up for a camp in Atlanta.

The Michigan Wolverines and Georgia Bulldogs will host a satellite camp together.

What could've passed for an April Fool's joke earlier this month is now a reality, with news breaking just hours after the NCAA officially reversed a ban on the camps.

Harbaugh and new Georgia coach Kirby Smart had beef earlier in the offseason when Smart was one of many SEC coaches to criticize what was seen as an abuse of the satellite camp system by the Wolverines.

“They’re obviously trying to gain a competitive advantage and that’s their right,” Smart said at the time. “But I think the NCAA in due time will have to step in.”

Those comments led to this infamous tweet from Harbaugh:

For his part, Smart later said the whole thing was a misunderstanding, and makes good on his word with the joint camp, which will be held at Atlanta's Maynard Jackson High School on June 2.

The camp will be the first on an 11-day tour for the Wolverines. It's a major win for Harbaugh as he'll get face time with players in the heart of Bulldog/SEC territory. Sounds like the satellite camp controversy is just about over.

Hugh Freeze and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

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Coach Freeze and Ole Miss' Thursday could have gone a lot better.

Thursday sure was interesting for the Ole Miss football program, eh?

Hugh Freeze's program has received a lot of buzz and attention in his time in Oxford for both positives and negatives, but last night was the culmination of everything they have been heading towards since 2013.

That should be a positive, but in this case it isn't. And some light has been shed on what many had suspected was going on at Ole Miss.

Let's back things up to Thursday morning, first. The NCAA reversed its ban on satellite camps, which means coaches can now in fact set up shop in another school's backyard. The SEC was firmly against the camps, so when the initial ban was put in place it was seen as a huge win for them and the ACC.

Coach Freeze was one of the more vocal people at the front of the anti-satellite camp movement. Earlier this month, this is what he told the Clarion Ledger when it was revealed that the ban was in place:

"I’m selfish with my time. I’m away from my family enough, and I just did not want to go. I was ready to. We would’ve jumped in with the rest of them and gone to work. But I’m glad we can have a camp and I can sleep at home."

We have to be honest with ourselves here in regards to the uproar. It was never a problem until Jim Harbaugh, perhaps the biggest name in college football right now, did it. Overreaction has ensued.

The satellite camps have enormous benefits for student-athletes, but they certainly are a recruiting tool, as well. Harbaugh, who has been busting his rear-end to get talent to Michigan and generate buzz, did not take kindly to Freeze's thoughts on his free time.

Harbaugh had this to say to Sports Illustrated in response to Freeze's statements:

"You’ve got a guy sitting in a big house, making $5 million a year, saying he does not want to sacrifice his time.That’s not a kindred spirit to me. What most of these coaches are saying is they don’t want to work harder."

It seems the biggest detractors of the camps were the ones not willing to put in the extra work. Regardless, the camps are legal again for now.

Thursday 1, Freeze 0.

Fast forward to Thursday night, which was to be a landmark moment for Freeze's football program. Three of its prized recruits from the 2013 class, Laremy Tunsil, Laquon Treadwell and Robert Nkemdiche, all former five-star recruits, were set to have their names called in the 2016 NFL Draft.

It was seen as a surprise that Ole Miss, a program that had was coming off of a 7-6 season in Freeze's first year, was able to land three of the nation's most prized recruits. Tunsil was previously committed to Georgia, Nkemdiche was committed to Clemson at one point and many believed Treadwell would end up at Michigan. They would all end up signing with the Rebels.

Many believe the only logical explanation was recruits were getting paid. Treadwell himself even famously posted and subsequently removed a photo of him with his hand on a pile of money while he was still a recruit. This is hardly enough evidence to incriminate, but it has been out there nonetheless.

Nkemdiche and Tunsil's careers at Ole Miss were strange ones, to say the least. Nkemdiche fell off of a balcony in December and was later plead guilty to marijuana possession. Tunsil was suspended for impermissible benefits for a portion of 2015 and was sued earlier this week by his stepfather for defamation.

All three saw their draft stock take a hit for various reasons, but would end up likely being first round picks.

Then, on draft night, things got weirder.

Tunsil was the top player on many team's boards coming into Thursday night's NFL Draft. About ten minutes before things kicked off, a tweet was sent out from his official account of him smoking marijuana in a gas mask. Teams caught wind of this quickly and it caused the draft's top talent to slide all the way to the Miami Dolphins with the 13th pick, costing him millions of dollars in the process.

It did not end there for Tunsil. After he was picked, pictures then were posted to his Instagram account of screenshots showing alleged conversations between Tunsil and a member of Ole Miss' coaching staff showing that he had taken money as a college player.

With today's technology, it would be easy for anyone to doctor images. That may have not been the case here, though. Tunsil essentially admitted those were real, then took it back, and then basically reaffirmed his admission before being escorted off-stage by someone.

Coach Freeze was at the draft on Thursday night and had a front row seat for all of this. All three of his 2013 megastars went in the first round, but that is not the story we're all talking about today.

Thursday 2, Freeze 0.

Freeze and the Rebels have a huge problem on their hands if this is true, as the program seems to already been in hot water having received a Notice of Allegations in January for football violations, among other sports.

"Anthony, you've typed a lot of words here. How does it all tie in?"

I'm glad you asked, hypothetical voice in my head.

When someone does not want to work hard, yet still wants to feel successful, they take shortcuts. Paying players qualifies as that. The student-athletes are not to blame here, no matter how bad it may look on them.

Schools like Ole Miss and others in the SEC, and make no mistake about it, there are probably others, don't need satellite camps or other recruiting benefits because they can (allegedly) throw bags of money at players. Yet, the NCAA turns a blind eye to that and instead rushes to judgement on something else because the SEC and ACC point the finger elsewhere.

Thursday night's events will be remembered in Oxford for a long time, but not for the reasons they should have been. It will be interesting to see where things go from here and how Freeze and Ole Miss are affected by this.

But today, it does not look pretty.

Maize n Brew’s Michigan Wolverines NFL Draft Coverage 2016

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All of our coverage of this year's Michigan draftees can be found here!

The Basics
Age Height Weight 40-Time Vertical
23 6'3'' 207 pounds 4.85 29 inches

It was a tale of two seasons for Jake Rudock in 2015. Coming over to Michigan as a graduate transfer from Iowa, he was touted as a game manager and stop-gap player for Jim Harbaugh's Wolverines. His early season play was pedestrian, but finished the year as one of the best signal-callers in the Big Ten and was another example of his head coach's Midas touch with players at the position.


Rudock is a pro-style passer with good poise and leadership skills. He never appears rattled even when things break down, where he shows the ability to pull the ball down and make a play with his legs when necessary. Does not have a huge arm and will not take many shots down the field, but he improved in this area as the season went along. Things seemed to click down the stretch, as he finished with 12 touchdown passes in the final four games of the season.


By NFL standards, Rudock does not have the arm strength to make all of the throws at the next level. He is not a good enough passer to recover with his arm if he does not make a quick decision. There is not anything that is a glaring red-flag, but there are not any traits that necessarily stand out, either. Doesn't take many chances with the ball, but misses wide open short throws on occasion.


One of the Wolverine-centric draft storylines heading into this coming weekend has been if Rudock was draftable or not. While certainly not a probable NFL starter or someone who will even see the field much, his second half surge and year of coaching under Harbaugh should be enough for a franchise to at the very least take a flier on him as a free agent, though it looks like he could find a home somewhere in the later rounds of the draft. He has the makings of a serviceable NFL backup

Projection: 6th-to-7th Round

The Ban on NCAA Satellite Camps Has Been Overturned

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The D1 Board of Directors rescinded the rule on Thursday afternoon.

Jim Harbaugh sympathizers rejoice, as the NCAA Board of Directors have overturned the controversial satellite camp ban from earlier this month. ESPN's Brett McMurphy was the first to report the news before it was announced on Thursday.

"The Board of Directors is interested in a holistic review of the football recruiting environment, and camps are a piece of that puzzle," Board of Directors chair Harris Pastides, president of the University of South Carolina, said in the statement released. "We share the Council’s interest in improving the camp environment, and we support the Council’s efforts to create a model that emphasizes the scholastic environment as an appropriate place for recruiting future student-athletes."

The camps were banned earlier this month, which was seen as a victory for the ACC and SEC, the biggest detractors of them. Both conferences saw them as a recruiting tactic for Harbaugh and other coaches that participated in them.

This saga is far from over, but for now, the camps are again legal and Harbaugh's program may very well be rolling through your city this summer.

2016 NFL Draft Profile: Michigan Linebacker James Ross III

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Buzz has been building recently that Ross could come off the board in the late rounds. What could he bring to an NFL team?

The Basics
Age Height Weight 40-Time Bench Press
21 5'11 230 5.01 22 Reps

Ross was a four-star recruit in the class of 2012 and became one of the key pieces in the linebacker rotation in his time at Michigan. He was a four year letterman and started 21 of 50 career games in Ann Arbor.


Ross was inconsistent during his Michigan career, but always proved to be solid against the run and a linebacker that plays to the whistle on every snap. He showed solid skills in pass coverage, namely in zone. He has a good first step and a nose for the football.


Marginal athlete. Not a pass rusher and only three career sacks at Michigan. Not suited for outside linebacker in the NFL. Reaction time is slow and is not a player that can move sideline to sideline all that well. Saw the field less as his career went on.


It is tough to find a great fit for Ross at the next level, but he is a developmental prospect that a team may take a chance on, perhaps even to try out as a fullback. NFL ceiling appears to be that of a backup inside linebacker and special teams player.

Projection: Priority Free Agent

Thursday Morning Brews: Déjà Vu

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Happy Board of Directors meeting day! (Oh, yeah, and the draft.) Hopefully we get some official word today about satellite camps.

Hitting the Links Is Linsane

Satellite Camps Get Backing Of Michigan House | Waiting And Hoping

One would assume that Mark Emmert has been feeling the pressure over this, but really, who knows.

Paul Johnson's Suggestion: Replace Camps With Combines

The Pac-12 has floated this idea already, and it's still a bad one. With satellite camps, players get instruction. They get to play the game, work as a team, and use their instincts. For some reason the draft process also puts an irrational amount of emphasis on combine results.

Michigan Emphasizes NFL Draft In Recruiting

Smart and straight-forward, given the amount of NFL experience on staff.

UM-MSU Battle Shaping Up For Deron Irving-Bey

Irving-Bey is the kind of defensive lineman that's seen the field lately for Michigan - he's 6'5", 271 pounds already, but could slide into a SDE role and remain disruptive.

Harbaugh Takes In Athletics-Tigers Game

Just a day in the life.

Talking Michigan's Spring Breakout Player, Wilton Speight

An obvious choice here for ESPN.

Eli Apple vs. Anonymous Scout, Round 2

Last time, it was a scout questioning Apple's sexuality. This time, Apple's cooking ability is called into question. (Somehow, this isn't a joke, although it would have been a pretty good one.) Also, all of this makes me wonder if Apple can fix computers.

Top Ten Big Ten Draft Prospects

Seven of the top eight are Buckeyes; everyone in the top nine played for MSU or OSU. Rough.

Rutgers Tries To Boost Season Ticket Sales With Resale Suggestions

Also rough. Insert a Rutgers joke here. (You know what, I've been a little harsh to Rutgers. Let's lighten it up and go with a Rutgers funk contest. No, not that one - go with a different Rutgers funk contest instead. That's better.)

Torrance Gibson & The Hype: Can He Start Right Away?

I do believe Gibson will start at some point this season; I'm not sure if he'll be consistent enough to dominate. But even on a roster that's brimming with speed, Gibson is very special. He'll play.

Spartans Get Commitment From Great RB Prospect

Bridges is a lot of fun to watch, and should be fun to play against. Mike DiGiornio will be proud.

Nebraska Is 'Bust U'

While we're somewhat on the subject, here's a quick update on Randy Gregory.

Please, Stop Trading Up For 2016 Quarterbacks

This was a great piece by Bill Connelly. The simple fact is quarterbacks are in high demand, but - and I'm no expert here - trading a good pick away for a better pick next year, when there will be better quarterbacks, seems like a decent punt to make.

MSU Spring Game Winners, Losers | Fearless Predictions

I love fearless predictions. Here are four, plus the simple truth that L.J. Scott is going to pulverize the rest of the Big Ten.

B1G Mailbag: Best Position Group, IU's Starting QB

Agreed on both topics.

Zeke Signs With Nike | Potential Landing Spots For Braxton Miller

Can I admit something blasphemous? I'll be rooting for Zeke in the NFL. Also I'm just glad we won't be playing him anymore.

Finally, a very quick update: EMU is most definitely, definitely keeping football.

Will Indiana win more than 6 games this year?

  288 votes | Results

2016 NFL Draft Profiles: Michigan Defensive End Mario Ojemudia

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Ojemudia's senior season in Ann Arbor ended due to injury and his redshirt request was denied, leading him to prepare for the NFL.

The Basics
Age Height Weight 40-Time Bench Press
21 6'2'' 255 pound 4.82 seconds 20 Reps

Mario Ojemudia had an excellent start to his 2015 season, stepping in at the BUCK spot in Michigan's defense and showing extreme growth in his game. He tore his Achilles in the Maryland game, which ended his senior season. He attempted to receive a redshirt to play one more season in Ann Arbor, but was denied, leaving him to prepare for the 2016 NFL Draft.


Put everything together in the first five games of 2015. He is a defensive end by trade, but certainly has the tools to move to linebacker in the NFL. He fits the bill of a pro player physically and possesses a good punch. Good at shedding blocks to tackle the ball carrier. Jim Harbaugh believes he is a pro prospect, which scouts may hold in higher regard.


Could be a bit quicker off the snap and chasing down players. Is not a pure pass rusher by any means and is a project having started only seven games in his career. Injury rehab could force him to miss time leading up to the season which may stunt his growth a bit.


All we ever really saw of Ojemudia while at Michigan were glimpses of what he could be. Had a great start to his senior season but his injury prevented scouts from seeing if he could build on that. He is a tough player that has shown enough to be considered a pro prospect, so he is definitely worth a flier at the back end of the draft. Should end up on an NFL roster in training camp, regardless.

Projection: 7th Round

2016 NFL Draft Profile: Michigan Offensive Lineman Graham Glasgow

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Glasgow proved a versatile piece up front for the Wolverines on offense. What can he bring to an NFL franchise?

The Basics
Age Height Weight 40-Time Bench Press
23 6'6'' 307 5.13 23 Reps

Glasgow walked on to the football program at the University of Michigan, but leaves it as one of its best offensive lineman from the last few years and a versatile offensive line talent that will play in the NFL. He has played both guard spots and started every game at center in 2015 and nine starts there in 2013.


As it was mentioned already above, Glasgow's ability to play multiple positions along the offensive line make him a fit on any NFL roster. He emerged as a leader in the later stages of his Michigan career and plays with a mean streak. He possesses a strong lower half and holds his blocks well.


Average athlete who needs to improve his footwork. Self-proclaimed "false start king" has to improve his awareness to avoid pre-snap penalties. Some character concerns. Arrested in March 2014 for DUI and probation was extended because he consumed alcohol during his initial probation.


Glasgow was a three-year starter at Michigan and bounced back nicely from his arrest in 2014 to become one of the leaders on the team in Jim Harbaugh's first season in Ann Arbor. With him not being as athletic as teams may want in today's NFL, he still has the look of a quality reserve offensive lineman who can hold his own when called into action at multiple positions.

Projection: 4th-to-5th Round

Wednesday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Michigan Offers 5-Star WR, More

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In Wednesday's roundup, we discuss Michigan dropping on some visits, recent offers, and more.

Jordan Reid Visits Michigan

According to Steve Lorenz of Wolverine 247, Michigan hosted 3* OL Jordan Reid ($) on Tuesday. Reid is a guy we spoke to about a month ago after a solo visit to Michigan. He currently has them second on his list, as Michigan trails Florida for the top spot. Reid is from Detroit, so Michigan has had him on campus more than anybody by a landslide. I would pit this race between the wolverines and the gators, as of right now.

Deontre Thomas Will Commit April 30th, Trending The Wrong Way

After his visit during the Michigan spring game April 1st, 3* DL Deontre Thomas (OK) named Michigan his leader. He followed up on those comments with us, which you can read here, and said he was leaning towards Michigan. With that reassurance in place, and having no visits planned, it was almost certain he would be committing to Michigan. Over the weekend, Thomas headed to Nebraska, and things took a turn. Steve Lorenz of Wolverine 247 put in a crystal ball for Thomas to Nebraska, and he's rarely wrong. MnB has spoke with him on a regular basis, and have reason to believe it's a tight race that Michigan will lose, as of now.

5-Star WR Tee Higgins Wants to Visit Michigan

5-star WR Tee Higgins (Oak Ridge, TN) said recently that he wants to visit Michigan soon($), according to Steve Lorenz. Higgins is the second-overall WR in the country, and the 15th overall player, according to the 247 composite rankings. Currently, Higgins is trending towards Clemson, but a Michigan visit could change everything, as we have seen happen plenty of times.

2018 4* LB Solomon Tuliaupupu High on Michigan After Offer

MnB caught up with the four-star linebacker out of Claremont, CA, and the full piece will be out later today. Tuliaupupu has offers from BYU, Washington and now, Michigan. Since he's a 2018, the offers will likely begin to roll in for him soon. He said it's too early right now for a top list, but that he's very interested in U-M.

He also had a nice thing to say about Jim Harbaugh in a clip from the full article.

"Coach Harbaugh seems like a great coach and person to be around," he said. "I feel has great energy that empowers the people around him and make them better, like a true leader."

Tuliaupupu will likely visit Michigan in the summer.

The Michigan Man Podcast Episode 306: Recruiting Update with Brandon Brown

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Brandon Brown from The Wolverine joins to talk recruiting.

In this edition, Brandon Brown of The Wolverine joins to discuss recruiting and more! Listen using the player below:

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