Michigan Lacrosse: Yale Wins 13-7; UM’s Ian King Sets Scoring Record

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Although Ian King set a new scoring record, Michigan could not get past Yale.

In front of the biggest crowd yet this season (2,111) Michigan's Ian King broke the single season scoring record of 26 set by Trevor Yealy during Team One in 2012.

King's record-breaker came the way a record-breaker should...in dramatic fashion--2:33 to go in the second quarter, in heavy traffic, and on a bounce shot no less. He's one special freshman, and Michigan is in very good hands with him on the team.

Special freshman or not, though, Yale scored the first three goals of the game. They were then followed up by David Joseph's 11th score of the season with 11:54 to go in the second. The Bulldogs, however, were able to go on two more three-goal runs; the second run was broken up by King's 26th and 27th goals of the season. Conrad Oberbeck and Jeff Cimbalista were the scorers on Yale's next run, while Kyle Jackson broke up that one with just under six and a half to go in the third quarter.

Michigan Yale
Goals-shot attempts 7-40 13-32
Shot % .175 .406
Shots on goal 21 23
SOG % .525 .719
Man-up opps 1-4 1-3
Ground balls 37 28
Turnovers 11 17
Caused turnovers 12 4
Face-offs 9-24 15-24
Clears 17-18 13-15
Saves 10 14
Penalties-minutes 5-4:00 6-5:30

Seven goals on forty shots is bad. What's worse is that over seventy percent of Yale's shots were on-goal. Seven out of ten times, Michigan's defense gave Yale solid looks at the cage. That's gross.

As has been the case all season, and is the lacrosse team's version of the football team's O-line, face-offs were once again terrible. Brad Lott was getting beaten by Dylan Levings all day, which allowed Yale to dictate the day's happenings. With six goals, the Bulldogs' Conrad Oberbeck was the leading scorer, followed by Jeff Cimbalista's four goals.

Michigan did do some things well, though. They were able to turn over the Bulldogs eight times more than Yale was able to do to Michigan; four of UM's twelve CTs came by way of freshman defenseman Andrew Hatton. Another freshman, Brendan Gaughan, was also a positive for the Wolverines; Gaughan scored two times on three shots and picked up one ground ball.

The final game of the regular season comes against the Robert Morris Colonials (5-8, 2-4) next week. Face-off is scheduled for 12:00 ET in Ann Arbor. It will be Senior Day, so make sure to find your way to Michigan Stadium and say thanks to some guys who helped create this program.

Stay tuned to Maize n Brew for a preview of next week's game and a brief preview of the ECAC tournament the following week.

Book Review: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir by Kristin Newman

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What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir by Kristin Newman 3/5 I’m a sucker for a witty title. I wanted this book to be more than what it was. Instead of a book of female empowerment or taking your own path, it was a long list of exotic locales and sex partners […]

My book marketing experiment by spending $10 on @Fiverr.com

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In January I mentioned I was checking out fiverr.com for some book marketing and asked if anyone else had done ...
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Happy Easter Everyone

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I just wanted to share this Amazing Hallelujah Song
Praise God. He is risen.

Detroit: Out on the Town (Throughout History)

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On exhibit now at the Detroit Historical Museum is a feature called Out on the Town:  Drinking and Dining in Detroit Since 1920. It’s recommended for at least three reasons:[...]

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Despite being Barred from Jerusalem Easter Resurrection is a Symbol of Palestinian Hope

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Palestinian Christians in the West Bank say that they have been denied permits to visit Jerusalem in record numbers this year, despite their living just over the green line not far from the holy city.

Hanan Ashrawi, the prominent Palestinian human rights activist, maintained that Palestinians only received 30% to 40% of the permits they requested. She observed,

“There should not even be a question of needing permits to visit one’s own city,” she said: “East Jerusalem is the occupied capital of the Palestinian people and freedom of worship is a basic human right for all of our Christian and Muslim citizens, a right which is being systematically and increasingly denied by a foreign occupying force.”

The Israeli government is denying the vast cutback in permissions granted, but it is difficult to see why the Palestinians would be complaining in such numbers if they were not in fact experiencing added difficulties.

The Arabic press says that the reduction in permits is revenge by Israeli authorities on the Palestinians because Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas went outside the bilateral framework to sign a raft of United Nations treaties and instruments, including the 1949 Geneva Convention. These steps are preparatory to a Palestinian case being brought against Israel for illegally squatting on Palestinian land, at the International Criminal Court.

The Arabic press alleges that no Christian Palestinians from Gaza were allowed by Israeli authorities to reach Jerusalem this year.

Nevertheless Bishop Younan is quoted by Norwegian journalist Lena Odgaard as saying the Easter remains a powerful symbol of hope for all Palestinians (Muslim Palestinians also believe in Jesus, as a prophet, and tend to claim him as a Palestinian). “This day can be long and dark, and give us hopelessness as the peace process is not moving. But Easter gives me hope that no oppression or injustice will last…”


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Orthodox Christians celebrate Holy Saturday in Jerusalem’s Old City

Saudi Arabia arrests Thinker for Encouraging Dissent!

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(By Human Rights Watch)

Saudi authorities have repeatedly harassed Abu al-Khair for his human rights work, and now they’ve suddenly jailed him without letting him notify his family. The authorities should free Abu al-Khair immediately and drop the charges against him.

UPDATE: Samar Badawi, the wife of Waleed Abu al-Khair, said that authorities allowed him to speak to her by phone for one minute on April 17, 2014.

(Beirut) – Saudi authorities should immediately release prominent human rights activist Waleed Abu al-Khair and drop all charges against him.

Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court ordered Abu al-Khair’s detention when he attended a hearing in his case on April 15, 2014. Since his arrest the authorities have not allowed him to contact family members, who had no knowledge of his whereabouts for 24 hours. Abu al-Khair faces charges based solely on his peaceful human rights work, including “breaking allegiance with the ruler” and “making international organizations hostile to the kingdom.”

“Saudi authorities have repeatedly harassed Abu al-Khair for his human rights work, and now they’ve suddenly jailed him without letting him notify his family,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “The authorities should free Abu al-Khair immediately and drop the charges against him.”

On February 4, Abu al-Khair lost an appeal of a separate Jeddah Criminal Court conviction for signing statements critical of Saudi authorities, and received a prison sentence of three months.  It is unclear whether his detention is connected with the Jeddah conviction. Police in Jeddah arrested Abu al-Khair on October 2, 2013 and held him for one night for hosting a weekly discussion group for reformists, but prosecutors have yet to file criminal charges in that case.

Abu al-Khair attended the fifth session of his trial before the Specialized Criminal Court on the morning of April 15, travelling from his home in Jeddah to Riyadh. A lawyer, Abu al-Khair is representing himself during the proceeding and did not bring family members or trial monitors to the hearing. After several hours, Abu al-Khair’s organization, the Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, released a Facebook statement stating that Abu al-Khair had gone missing and could not be reached by his mobile phone, which was switched off.

[Abu al-Khair is featured in this video about how social media is challenging the status quo in Saudi Arabia.]


On the morning of April 16, Samar Badawi, Abu al-Khair’s wife, travelled to Riyadh to search for him. She told Human Rights Watch that officials at the Specialized Criminal Court informed her that the court had ordered Abu al-Khair’s detention, and authorities had taken him to al-Ha`ir Prison south of Riyadh. Badawi travelled to the prison and confirmed with prison officials that Abu al-Khair was present, but was not allowed to speak with him. She told Human Rights Watch that neither court nor prison officials told her the basis of Abu al-Khair’s detention.

Abu al-Khair is known for his legal defense of other human rights activists, including Abd al-Rahman al-Shumairi, one of the so-called Jeddah reformers, a group of around a dozen men known for their public stances demanding human rights and political reform in Saudi Arabia. Authorities arrested them in February 2007, allegedly for gathering funds for terrorism.

Abu al-Khair is also the supervisor of the Facebook group “Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia,” whose website is blocked in the kingdom.

His detention comes amid an ongoing campaign to silence human rights defenders and civil society activists throughout the kingdom. In March 2013, a court sentenced Mohammed al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid, co-founders of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), to 10- and 11-year prison terms respectively on vague charges such as “harming public order” and “setting up an unlicensed organization.” A court in the central town of Buriada convicted and sentenced to prison ACPRA members Omar al-Sa`id and Abd al-Kareem al-Khodr on similar charges in 2013. ACPRA member Fowzan al-Harbi is currently on trial.

On April 8, authorities detained independent political activist Abdulaziz al-Ghamdi, who publicly supported ACPRA and helped the families of imprisoned ACPRA members.

Saudi authorities regularly pursue charges against human rights activists based on their peaceful exercise of freedom of expression, in violation of international human rights obligations. The Arab Charter on Human Rights, which Saudi Arabia has ratified, guarantees the right to freedom of opinion and expression under article 32. Under the United Nations General Assembly’s Declaration on the Rights of Human Rights Defenders, everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to “impart or disseminate to others views, information and knowledge on all human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

“The jailing of peaceful activists shows that Saudi Arabia has no tolerance for those even speaking about human rights and political reform,” Stork said.

Mirrored from Human Rights Watch


Video added by Juan Cole:

Press TV reports: Saudi Arabia jails lawyer and human rights activist

Record Store Day 2014 – Milwaukee, WI

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This year’s Record Store Day did not really excite me.  There wasn’t much on the list of releases that I just had to have.  Every year there is less I want and prices are higher.  I have a hard time paying $12 for a 7 inch single.  The one record I really wanted was Devo’s “Live at Max’s Kansas City.  It was sold out at the four stores I went to and is currently going for over $60 on ebay.  I started the day by waiting in line at the Exclusive Company at 6am.  They opened at 7am, and by 6am I was already about number 100 in line.  Exclusive Company has about 7 or 8 stores in Wisconsin, so they have buying power.  But by the time I made it into the store, it was pretty wiped out, only buying two items on my list.  I then went to Rush-Mor, a great local independent store.  There I picked up Devo (the picture disc), John Spencer 12-inch, and local punk legends Suburban Mutilation.  A trip to the east side Exclusive Company was a waste of time, so I finished my day at Acme Records in Bayview.  Acme, like Rush-Mor is a small vinyl heavy record store.  At Acme I watched Blessed Feathers play a great folksy pop set and bought even more records (this time non-RSD releases).  The highlight of this year’s Record Store Day was the re-issue release of Milwaukee’s Die Kreuzen’s first record, the “Cows and Beer” 7-inch ep.  Original copies are going for over $200 so it is nice to have a worthy remastered high quality substitute.  Original members Dan Kubinski and Keith Brammer were at Rush-Mor signing copies for appreciative fans .  It is great to see the record stores packed and selling lots of records.  Hopefully the new customers will keep coming back.

Has Al Gore been Vindicated? The Former VP speaks out on Climate Menace In Hawaii

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Al Gore On Climate Change Crisis (via Clean Technica)

Originally published on Green Living Ideas. Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a powerful address to a packed house at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa this week. Environmentally, Gore is most famous, perhaps, for his…


UH Magazine: “Al Gore headlines major sustainability conference at the University of Hawaii”

Pherell’s “Happy” – Gaza Style

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All we in the West ever hear about Gaza concerns the Hamas Party-Militia or the conflict between its Palestinians and the Israeli army.

Some Gaza youth did a cover of Pherell Williams’s “Happy” to show a different side of the 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip:

#Happy (#Gaza version) – #Pharrell Williams

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