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Family Fun, Inflatables & Bouncers, Dunk Tank, Sidewalk Sales Food, Beverages & Live Music All brought to you my MAIN STREET GRILL & TAVERN Hours: Friday & Saturday 11:00 a.m. –...

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Vintage Mountain Dew

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While I have had a disgusting, embarrassing dependency on Mountain Dew for many, many years, it just wasn’t enough to convince me to bring this find home. Also, “Aged in the Woods”?!?

For the Love of Denim

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I bought the week pass to my city's annual music festival, Common Ground, and headed out for the first day in my best Canadian Tuxedo, summer edition. I sipped on Labatt, ate a corn dog and enjoyed plentiful people watching. No better way to spend a Monday.
[eyelet bustier from Forever 21, DKNY sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop, jean jacket by Levi's, shorts by BDG, flats c/o Wanted Shoes (two years ago), vintage bag by Chanel, red and gold bracelet c/o JewelMint, mint braided bracelet c/o Pura Vida Bracelets]
Photos by Kristoffer Tieber

I’m pro-choice because….

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I’m pro-choice. I’m pro keeping legislative bodies out of my uterus. I’m pro governing this country by the constitution and not the Bible. I’m pro life because I believe women have value and so do their lives. I’m pro leaving medical decisions to women and their doctors, not Congress or state governments. I’m pro legal, […]

How to Use All Your Produce

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how to waste less food

Every week I go to a market that has “Wild Wednesdays” which has nothing to do with cheap beers and sugary shooters and everything to do with super cheap produce that is going to go bad if they don’t mark it down to poor people prices. I always buy more than I need and have noticed a pattern that comes with trying to eat everything before it goes to waste.

Here is how you can use all your produce in one week:

1. Salads. Every Wednesday, I look at my grocery haul and vow to change my life. No piece of lettuce will go to waste because my life will now revolve around salad forever. I don’t mean childhood salads – iceberg, shredded carrot, baby tomato, RANCH AND CROUTONS. I mean a bed of kale and baby spinach topped with fresh blueberries, walnuts, and a homemade mustard dressing. The kind of salad that says “actually no, I don’t eat guacamole with my hands.”

2. Chips. When I get to a point where I will set a cabbage patch on fire if I have to look at another salad, I make green chips. Kale chips and brussels sprout chips. I like them because you can sprinkle whatever you want on there. Cayenne, garlic, popcorn seasoning, all the salt you have. I bet you could even coat them in barbecue sauce. It’s like Baked Lays, if they had a Baked Salad flavor.

3. Stir fry. Start to panic a little. Throw everything that’s semi-cookable into a pan with some EVOO. Half a red bell pepper, half a why the hell didn’t I just use that whole carrot, all of this when did I buy broccoli I don’t even like broccoli, a whole bunch of onion. Rice. Sriracha. Soy sauce. Egg. Done.


And that’s how we don’t waste our food.

How to crop thumbnails in WordPress

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Today I’ve got a tutorial for all you WordPress users. Have you ever uploaded a photo and end up with the worst looking thumbnail? It only shows the side of your face or part of the scene with nothing in it.

I feature related posts all over my site, so I like to make sure my thumbnails look good. Here’s how…

1. After uploading the photo click edit media (or if you’re editing older photos click on the image in your media library and look for edit image under the photo) // How to crop thumbnails in WordPress

2. If you haven’t adjusted the thumbnail size settings then they will most likely be square. Put 1:1 in the aspect ratio box, then hold down the shift key while dragging your cursor over the image to select the portion you want in the thumbnail. You can then drag the select area exactly where you want it. // How to crop thumbnails in WordPress 3. Click the crop button, select apply changes to thumbnail and save your image. // How to crop thumbnails in WordPressIf you have a custom non-square thumbnail, drag your cursor over the image and then put your thumbnail size into the selection box to adjust the size. // How to crop thumbnails in WordPress

Pretty simple, right??

If you have a design, blogging, or coding related question I’m always happy to answer – submit your questions here >>>

Nerd Party: Clever coding & design tips for busy bloggers

Common Ground Music Festival

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I’m sitting at work, just returning from an awesome long weekend, and Googling “Jobs that Let Me Hang Out Outside All Day” (don’t tell my boss). After a week of[...]

Today is Brought to You by the Hebrew Letter LAMED

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Lamed + Titus
The 12th Hebrew letter pictures a shepherd’s staff or an ox goad. As a verb “lamad” means teach, learn, point, prick or goad. In my book, Crossing the Scriptures, I explain how each of the 22 Hebrew letters matches up to three books in the Bible, all 22 books equidistant. You’d expect to see the word teach show up a lot in this little New Testament book of Titus since it's the third book that matches up to lamed and, in fact, it does by a rate of about 10 times more (per 1000 words) than any other book.
What does Paul’s letter to Titus tell us? See chapter 2 for a list of what should be taught. Here’s my summary:
1.       Teach older men temperance, to be respectable, to be self-controlled and to be sound in faith, love and endurance.
2.        Teach older women to be reverent, not to be slanderers, not to be addicted to alcohol and to be teachers of what is good.
3.        Older women are to train younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home and to be subject to their husbands.
4.       Young men are to be encouraged to be self-controlled and to do what is good, to show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned.
But wait, there’s more. Slaves are to be taught, too. Here it would be helpful to substitute employees for slaves (some would argue they are the same thing nowadays).
5.       Slaves/employees are to be subject to their masters/bosses in everything, to please them, not to talk back, not to steal from them and to show trustworthiness.
Think about these things from a boss’s perspective. How pleased would he be to have such an employee?
The end of chapter 2 tells us to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives.
Read Chapter 3 for more – we are to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good. We are to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate and to show true humility toward all men. Some synonyms for humility are humbleness, modesty and meekness.
Can you see how well our Hebrew letter, lamed, relates? Throughout this epistle I envision Paul holding a staff and teaching, exhorting, explaining, and pointing with it. There is plenty to learn in this short book; take some time now and study it.

The Rebellion Movement Denounces Mansour’s Constitutional Principles as Dictatorial

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If the Egyptian military and judicial elite thought that they could use the youthful Rebellion Movement, which put three or four million demonstrators in the streets a week and a half ago, to restore the status quo before the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, they probably miscalculated.

Rebellion denounced as “dictatorial” interim president Adly Mansour’s Monday declaration of the constitutional principles that would guide Egypt during the transition to a new constitution. The principles gave the president way too much power, including the power to appoint cabinet ministers (even though he is appointing a new prime minister), and they do not sufficiently safeguard individual liberties, Rebellion coordinator Mahmoud Badr said.

Badr announced that Mansour had agreed to amend the constitutional declaration. He told the newspaper “al-Misri al-Yawn” that Rebellion had expressed reservations about the constitutional declaration, including the paragraphs related to expanded powers for the president, to the role of the two houses of parliament, and the drafting committee for the constitution.

Badr had complained at Rebellion’s Facebook page that the organization had not been consulted about the constitutional declaration before it was announced, and that it had not been shown, either, to Dr. Muhammad Elbaradei, and both were surprised, as was everyone else. Elbaradei is admired by many Egyptian youth and has been appointed as a vice president for foreign affairs.

Mansour, who has no grass roots power base other than potentially the Rebellion Movement, might face demonstrations against himself if he continues to act so high-handedly. And it seems that he knows it.

Mansour on Tuesday appointed Hazem Biblawi, a well-regarded economist, as prime minister.

Deposed president Muhammad Morsi had been a poor steward of the economy, and Biblawi at least has some idea of the necessary steps to recovery.

Biblawi was greeted warmly in his new position by the hard line fundamentalist Salafi movement, which appears to have rejoined the ruling coalition. Manour wants the Salafis inside the ruling coalition if at all possible. That way, he can claim support from a stratum of the religious Right in Egypt and does not absolutely need the Muslim Brotherhood.

After the horrific shooting by the army of 51 Muslim Brothers in front of the Republican Guards’ barracks on Monday morning, Egypt has been extremely tense, but there was not substantial new violence on Tuesday. Interim President Mansour says that he is appointed a commission to investigate the deaths.

Argentina’s President Kirchner: US Industrial Espionage gave me Chills down my Spine

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The relationship between the United States and Latin America may have just plunged to its lowest level since the 1910s and 1920s, the height of US imperialism in the area, when United Fruit and the Marines imposed themselves on the region.

Glenn Greenwald, Roberto Kaz and José Casado revealed in an article for the Brazilian newspaper “O Globo” Tuesday that the US National Security Agency has most of Latin America under intensive surveillance. A few paras haves appeared in English at the Democratic Underground, which notes:

” One aspect that stands out in the documents is that, according to them, the United States does not seem to be interested only in military affairs but also in trade secrets – “oil” in Venezuela and “energy” in Mexico, according to a listing produced NSA in the first half of this year.

And that is the money para. While it is no surprise that the US would be monitoring Colombia, e.g., to track the narco-terrorist group FARC and drug smugglers, the article says that the US goes beyond such considerations to engage in industrial espionage:

“Through it [PRISM], the NSA collected data on oil and military purchases from Venezuela, energy and narcotics from Mexico, and have mapped the movement of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC).”

Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner gave her country’s Independence Day address after the revelations, commemorating the 1816 event. A leftist, she was clearly disturbed that big business and private media in Argentina are sanguine about the US surveillance. She said,

“The head of state continued: “I got chills down my spine when I went back to Bolivia and saw that a fellow president (Evo Morales) had been detained for 13 hours as though he were a thief.” “I got chills down my spine when we discovered that they are spying on all of us through their intelligence services … and on the other hand, within our own country, I hear only silence.”

She had said earlier in the speech, “”I get chills down my spine when I hear the views of directors of other enterprises, including business leaders, who only immerse themselves in minutiae and do not realize what is happening . . .”

A few days ago, Kirchner pointed out sarcastically that for all the massive electronic spying in which the US engages, it couldn’t seem to know that Edward Snowden was not on Evo Morales’s plane.

The Latin American press is calling the way the US pressured Western European allies to deny Bolivian President Evo Morales’s air force jet overflight rights and forced him to divert to Vienna, “Evo-gate.”

And, the USG Open Source Center translates this item from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“INTERNATIONAL NEWS US Intelligence Surveillance of Electronic Communications Raises Concern –

On 7 July Brasilia Ministry of Foreign Affairs posts a statement from Minister Antonio Patriota expressing deep concern at news related to US intelligence agency surveillance of Brazilian citizen’s communications. The communique announces that the Brazilian Government has requested that the matter be clarified and further that it will seek out the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for improvement of multilateral rules to govern the matter. Brazil will seek out the United Nations aiming to prohibit abuse and prevent invasion of privacy of virtual network users and establish clear standards “to ensure cyber security that protects citizens’ rights and preserves sovereignty of all countries.” The Brazilian broadcast and printed media granted broad coverage to the matter. On 7 July Lu Aiko Otta writes in Sao Paulo O Estado de S. Paulo that President [Dilma] Rousseff discussed the matter with cabinet members at a meeting and approved measures to be implemented to call for US Government explanation.”

Euronews has video:

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