Maize N Brew Recruiting Podcast: New Offers Going Out

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Evan Petzold of Maize N Brew comes on to talk recruiting, as Tanner Welcomes on co-host Eli Thaut.

We've got a couple new contributors for the show moving forward! Our own Evan Petzold will be joining the show to talk recruiting, while Eli Thaut will be helping talk about the previous week's game and the upcoming game on Saturday.

On this week's show, we discuss some of the new offers that went out, a cancelled visit, and the upcoming visitor's list.

Listen below: 

2017 4-star OT Chuck Filiaga will visit Ann Arbor as Michigan plays Wisconsin on October 1st

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The offensive tackle is ranked No. 112 in the class of 2017.

Class of 2017 four-star offensive tackle Chuck Filiaga will visit Michigan on October 1st, according to Sam Webb of Scout.

The 6-foot-6, 335-pound offensive lineman is ranked No. 112 in the class of 2017, according to 247Sports. He is the 16th rated offensive tackle and the 15th-best player from the state of Texas. Filiaga, from Aledo High School, will play in the U.S. All-American Bowl on January 7, 2017.

Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma, TCU, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, Brigham Young, California, Colorado, Illinois, MIchigan, N.C. State, Nebraska, Ole Miss, Oregon State, San Diego State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, UCLA, Utah, Washington, Washington State, and Florida have offered Filiaga.

Filiaga will visit for the Michigan game against Wisconsin along with linebacker KJ britt, cornerback Shaun Wade, cornerback Christopher Henderson, offensive tackle Alex Leatherwood, linebacker Jordan Anthony, center Cesar Ruiz, linebacker Shanon Reid, and offensive tackle Jedrick Wills.

2017 3-star LB Shanon Reid will visit Michigan on October 1st

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The Wolverines will face off against Wisconsin in front of many recruits, including Shanon Reid.

Class of 2017 Dunbar High School (FL) three-star linebacker Shanon Reid will be in Ann Arbor as Michigan plays against Wisconsin on October 1st, according to Sam Webb of Scout.

Reid has offers to play for Mississippi State, USF, Arizona, Cincinnati, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Maryland, Miami (FL), Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, N.C. State, North Carolina, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Colorado State, FIU, Florida Atlantic, Marshall, South Alabama and Southern Miss.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound outside linebacker is ranked No. 606 in the 2017 class, according to 247Sports. He is the 42nd-best player at his position and the No. 83 ranked athlete in the state of Florida.

For Dunbar High School in 2015, Reid logged 95 tackles, eight tackles for a loss, two sacks, three pass breakups, one forced fumble, two fumble recoveries, four interceptions and one pick-six.

Michigan will host 2017 4-star OT Jedrick Wills on October 1st

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Jedrick Wills joins a long list of recruits to visit Michigan on October 1st.

According to Sam Webb of Scout, 2017 four-star offensive tackle Jedrick Wills will visit Michigan on October 1st as the Wolverines battle against Wisconsin.

Wills will visit for the Michigan game against Wisconsin along with linebacker KJ britt, cornerback Shaun Wade, cornerback Christopher Henderson, offensive tackle Alex Leatherwood, linebacker Jordan Anthony, center Cesar Ruiz, linebacker Shanon Reid, and offensive tackle Chuck Filiaga.

Wills is an offensive lineman for Lafayette High School in Kentucky and has offers to play for Alabama, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Tennessee, Army, Auburn, Florida State, Louisville, Miami (FL), South Carolina, Virginia and Western Kentucky.

The 6-foot-5, 320-pound athlete is ranked No. 43 in the 2017 class, according to 247Sports. He is the No. 10 offensive tackle and the best player in the state of Kentucky.

The four-star will play in the Under Armour All-American Game on January 1, 2017.

2017 4-star DT Jay Tufele will visit Michigan on October 22nd

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The Wolverines will battle against Illinois, and Jay Tufele will be in attendance.

Class of 2017 four-star defensive tackle Jay Tufele will visit Michigan on October 22nd, according to Sam Webb of Scout. The Wolverines will be playing against Illinois.

Along with Tufele, 2017 four-star linebacker Willie Gay will visit Michigan on October 22nd.

Tufele, from Bingham High School in Utah, is the ranked No. 56 in the nation, according to 247Sports. He is the third-best defensive tackle and the No. 1 player in the state of Utah.

The four-star athlete has offers to play for Michigan, Ohio State, Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, Brigham Young, Colorado, Louisville, Miami (FL), Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, USC, Utah State, Virginia, Washington and Washington State. Tufele has been recruited to play for Michigan by Tim Drevno and Greg Mattison.

During the 2015 season with Bingham, Tufele picked up 57 tackles and 10.5 sacks.

Tufele will play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on January 7, 2017.

MnB Roundtable Releases Fake Roundtable

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Colorado Poked the bear. It won’t go well.

Two pretty lopsided wins to start the year for the Buffs, so how good might this Colorado team we're about to see be?

Shash: No idea. They've got a good coach and a good program that's been historically great for a very long time. Right?

Peter Putzel: Colorado hasn't had a winning season in, what, a decade? And they haven't won more than five games in the 2010s. That being said, I did see a little bit of their game against Colorado State to kick off the season, and they looked fast. The Buffs' were speedy and aggressive through every play that I saw, and we all know how speed can sometimes be Michigan's bane. Although I don't think Colorado is going to pose a serious threat, the Wolverines (and fans) probably shouldn't look past them, either.

Zach Travis: I hesitate to say "good", so I'll stick with improving. Colorado hasn't played a Power Five team yet this year, so the big wins can be a little deceiving (Michigan gets a little more credit, as many of its players are already known commodities reaffirming that they are good by beating up on bad competition). The last two wins continue a positive trend for a Colorado team that put up some fight last year, so "improving" may be enough to put a scare into Michigan. If that happens, then we can start talking Colorado Back Y'all.

Tanner Wooten: Maybe bowl eligible? Pretty terrible competition to start the year, so I guess we will see. But, it looks to be headed in the right direction. Would like to see Colorado come back to be a top-25 program, seems like it'd be more fun with the Buffs in contention.

Anthony Broome: I think they're easily the best team that Michigan has seen in non-conference play and a good test for the Wolverines. Every week the talent level has slowly increased on the other sideline and that's good for a talented U-M squad that is still developing, too.

Drew Hallett: It's difficult to tell. On one hand, Colorado has performed very well in its first two games, outscoring the competition, 100-14. On the other hand, that competition has been extremely weak -- Idaho State is about as bad is it gets in FCS -- and it's hard to imagine that the Buffaloes have made such a tremendous leap in one offseason to challenge Michigan after tallying a 10-27 (2-25 Pac-12) record the past three years. The answer is probably somewhere in the middle, which is still sizable improvement for the Buffs. Corner Chidobe Awuzie can ball, leading what should be a strong secondary, and dual-threat quarterback Sefo Liufau seems to be coming into his own as a senior. It's the latter that may worry Michigan fans because uptempo spread offenses have mitigated Michigan's vast talent gap in the past. But the Buffs still are lacking in other areas. Their running backs are not elusive. Their defensive line, for the most part, lacks the necessary size to be disruptive. And their linebackers struggle to get off blocks and make plays. This is probably a six-win team in search for its first bowl game since 2007.

Michigan is still a clear favorite though, so what are you hoping they work on as we head to the Big Ten season?

PP: I want to see better and more consistent rushing from the offense, better QB containment on defense, and less slop overall. There were some missed opportunities in the first two areas last week, and the 3rd quarter seemed to get mired in sloppy play for both teams. That may not kill a team in the first couple weeks of the season, but it sure as hell isn't going to help as the season wears on.

ZT: Did everyone else say running the ball? I feel like everyone else is going to say "running the ball". Out of respect for Kyle Kalis, I'll hold my panic. Just keep making me bored by the middle of the second quarter because the other team is behind multiple scores and is perfecting the "three-and-out" dance: which dance's main objective is "not getting eaten by Ryan Glasgow for three plays so we can return to the bench safely".

Shash: I'd like to see a more balanced attack. And a more diligent approach to keeping contain on long runs and forcing guys to run into the meat of the defense.

KB: Speight threw a lovely deep pass to Amara Darboh for a touchdown against UCF. I don’t want Wilton to shy away from hurling one downfield as the season goes on, because both of his wideouts are fast enough to get open regularly.

TW: The run game and shoring up some alignment issues on defense. I am not too worried about the run blocking as I think they were being very vanilla, but being able to impose their will on Colorado would be fun. I think the defense will be fine, but just showing the ability to learn from mistakes will be nice to see, and I think Don Brown will do just that.

AB: Despite UCF stacking the box last week, it'd be nice to see the run game rebound in a big way this week. Michigan is going to have to control clock and grind out some of these games in-conference. I have no doubt the coaching staff can find ways to mask any deficiencies they may have, but this is a manball program and it would be encouraging to get a manball rushing attack going.

DH: For the matchup against Colorado, Michigan's defense needs to be prepared for a blitzkrieg and get in position quickly, contain the edges, and remain in its pass-rushing lanes (or Sefo Liufau will capitalize). For the rest of the season, Michigan needs to continue to improve its run blocking and find a permanent solution for the left-guard issue. Unless Colorado crowds the line of scrimmage, Michigan's offensive line should blow back the Buffaloes' defensive front, resulting in lots of rushing yards for DeVeon Smith and Chris Evans. If Michigan is unable, Wilton Speight's arm may be more important to Michigan's success than we realized.

Colorado did tried their darndest to irritate Jim Harbaugh. What's the least-painful outcome for them on Saturday?

PP: What Colorado did was relatively humorous, but not uproariously funny. I get it; they wanted to tweak Harbaugh. It just isn't going to translate to anything meaningful on the field. The Buffs are going to lose, but they'll get their shots in--Michigan wins 42-13.

ZT: Harbaugh don't care. He was going to coach this game the same way whether they said nothing or plastered their social media pages with Harbaugh-booger-eating photoshops. That's why we love him, and that's why he is such a good coach.

TW: 31-17 with a couple scores in garbage time. I really can't see a scenario where Michigan doesn't win by 2+ scores.

KB: Oh, Colorado. You brought a spoon to a knife fight with the guy who keeps a spare flamethrower under his hat. Buffalo burgers, anyone?

AB: They will come close to covering the spread, perhaps not close enough, though.

DH: The least painful for Colorado? Winning would do the trick.

A few notable games on the college football slate, so which of these pique your interest?

PP: Ohio State at Oklahoma.

KB: I’ll keep an eye on MSU-Notre Dame because I still don’t know what the Spartans have this year. ND can bid farewell to any slim playoff dream if they drop another game to a ranked team in September, even though Texas was outside the rankings when that game happened.

ZT: Florida State at Louisville

AB: Ohio State-Oklahoma

DH: OSU-Oklahoma.

Overtime Q: When Colorado pulled off the Miracle at Michigan in '94, their coach was one Bill McCartney -- who can identify his connection to Michigan?

PP: I believe he was the first high school coach Bo ever hired, but I'm too lazy to verify that right now, even though I'm on the internet.

Shash: And he coached under Bo! I just guess this for every one of these questions.

TW: I type this as I'm home sick watching the 30 for 30 on Coach Mac. Obviously, a Michigan assistant under Bo and worked with Jack Harbaugh in the 70s and 80s. I think McCartney was a very good coach and a good man, so it would be cool to see Michigan honor in some way on Saturday.

AB: All I know is that he had the best cereal.

DH: And he is the man who got Jim Harbaugh "all jacked up" on cereal.

KB: You’re all on the money. And when the Buffs won in ‘94, I missed a chance to attend that game because I didn’t have a ticket and had to watch on our tiny bedroom television while my Dad and brother experienced the horror firsthand.

A brief fact about McCartney: he was really good at coaching high school ball, and was in fact the only high school coach to ever ascend to Schembechler’s staff. Coach Mac was 30-5 over three seasons at Dearborn’s Divine Child High. It would be a class move if Michigan acknowledged McCartney’s great career, as he is in declining health these days, suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Bonus question: What're ya drinking before and after Michigan's game?

PP: Water for me. I'm taking my youngest daughter (6 years old) to her first Michigan game, so I need to be on my best behavior...and I'm totally cool with it.

Shash: YES. Thank you. Colorado has some wonderful breweries, especially in Boulder. Avery in particular has some great stuff. This week I'm going douchey with a tequila barrel sour from them and mainstream with their excellent Ellie's Brown Ale.

TW: Probably a lot of cheap beer before hand, then I'll switch to hard liquor after. Saturdays are for the boys, baby.

AB: I'll take a bottle of anything and a glazed go.

KB: I’m starting to see Octoberfest/Pumpkin ales already, which means college football season is moving too quickly, but I will gladly drink them.

DH: I'll be at an all-day training and unable to watch Michigan-Colorado live, so nothing but high-quality H2O.

Michigan DT Ryan Glasgow named a rising NFL draft prospect by PFF

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Glasgow is arguably the best piece on a loaded defensive line.

The 2016 college football season is only a few weeks old, but one Michigan football defender is getting high marks for his performance so far this season.

Defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow is not always the first name that comes to mind when it comes to the Wolverines’ defensive line (he probably should be, though), but Pro Football Focus says that he is one of the 2017 NFL Draft prospects on the rise:

Yes the Michigan defense has played two terrible offenses and yes the entire defense deserves at least some level of praise for their dominance. However, Glasgow may be the best of the loaded unit, as his two-week grade ranks third among the nation’s interior defensive linemen. Big Ten analyst Josh Liskiewitz sums up his paly through two games:

“Glasgow’s consistently defeated one-on one blocks, and opponents haven’t been able to move him off the line of scrimmage on double teams. In addition to his dominant run play, he’s averaging a pressure once every seven pass rushes, an impressive ratio for a nose tackle.”

What do you think about Glasgow’s performance thus far in 2016? Sound off in the comments below!

Michigan Football 2016: Week Three vs. Colorado

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All of our coverage for Michigan football's week three opponent, the Colorado Buffaloes, can be found here!

About Michigan

Wilton Speight is cool under pressure. UCF threw all kinds of blitzes at him, trying to force bad decisions and turnovers. Speight responded to this pressure with mistake-free football, 68% pass completion, 4 touchdowns, and ZERO interceptions. When Speight won the job over John O'Korn, many cited his ability to not turn the ball over, and be a game manager. Folks, I don't care who the competition is: game managers do not usually lead offenses that average 57 points per game.

Speight's ability to read defenses, his poise in the pocket, and his avoidance of mistakes will make Michigan tough to stop on offense all season long.

They can win big even when they don't play lights out. If you were on Twitter during the game, there were certain tweets that made you feel like Michigan was down several touchdowns instead of ahead. Lots of criticism of the offensive line, the defense giving up big plays, and a disparity in rushing yards between the two teams.

Okay. So let's talk about those things. Was the offensive line bad? Not if you ask the experts.

After some initial struggles in the first quarter, Michigan’s offensive line put together a really dominant performance. Grant Newsome and Erik Magnuson, the two starting tackles, did not allow a single pressure on 89 combined pass-blocking snaps. In addition, with the exception of left guard Ben Braden, all members of the unit were solid in run-blocking, too. Center Mason Cole was the best player on the Michigan offense, as he had only one negatively graded run-blocking snap and had multiple plays where he drove UCF linemen several yards downfield.

A lot was put on the offensive line, as UCF gambled a lot by sending a heavy blitz package. The result was a few hiccups for the offensive line, but those were easily canceled out (and then some) by a large dose of huge plays for the Michigan offense. It should also be mentioned that this heavy pressure only led to 2 sacks and 0 turnovers on 39 Speight dropbacks.

Did the defense give up big plays? Yeah, a couple times. But remember: they are missing Jourdan Lewis, and UCF was running the Oregon offense. And Michigan is still averaging 8.5 PPG on defense. Yeah, an all shutout season where the opposing team gets negative yards each week sounds awesome. This is reality though, and that's just not going to happen.

Should we be concerned about UCF outrushing Michigan 275-119? There's an old Mark Twain quote that covers this: There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. While this statistic makes is seem like Michigan got gashed on the ground and couldn't move the ball an inch with the run while they had it, let's look at it in context.

UCF had a lot of rushing yards, but they came in the form of big plays. Drew breaks it down here:

We haven't learned much else about the team as it relates to this season. And we won't until the schedule gets tougher. It takes a slight step toward the deep end this week, as Michigan is only a 20 point favorite against Colorado, compared to 35+ points the first 2 games. We haven't really seen this team face any sort of adversity, as of yet. Colorado will at least bring a big time offense to town, as they put up 49 in the first half Saturday (albeit against a dreadful Idaho State team). After that, the Big Ten schedule gets rolling, with Penn State and Wisconsin (currently in the Top 10) as the first 2 games. That is when we can start drawing more definitive conclusions about who Michigan is in 2016.

Jim Harbaugh is done with the negative recruiting headlines. Last year, Michigan took a PR hit when Erik Swenson told reporters and Twitter about Michigan telling him he should look elsewhere close to signing day. This came on the heels of a lackluster season on film, and him not doing some of the things Michigan asked him to do to keep his scholarship. This week, Michigan basically sent 3 lower ranked recruits packing. These things happen all the time in high level recruiting, but Harbaugh has undoubtedly noticed that when they happen at Michigan, it commands headlines. Instead of giving schools fuel for their negative recruiting fire, Michigan allowed these kids more time to find a place to play.

Many fans are against the idea of roster/scholarship management, and it isn't something that has previously happened at Michigan. However, with only 85 scholarship players allowed on the roster and guaranteed 4 year scholarships as a Big Ten rule, Michigan must be very careful who they take in. A kid who commits before his senior year of high school must now continue to show the coaching staff that he deserves the scholarship for the months leading up to signing day, and kids are always fighting for their scholarships.

While some will inevitably criticize these aggressive recruiting techniques, the same will also complain when Michigan goes 7-5/8-4 on a perennial basis, and cannot get past their rivals. You can't have it both ways.

About the Big Ten

The conference is respected nationally, for now. There are 3 Big Ten teams ranked in the AP Top 9, and 5 in the Top 13. None of these besides Wisconsin has been tested against a tough opponent yet. That changes next weekend when MSU and OSU both travel to face Top 20 opponents in Notre Dame and Oklahoma, respectively. These games will be important in determining national perception for the Big Ten. However, that still isn't enough to persuade me to cheer for MSU and OSU. I want those teams to lose every chance they get.

About the BCS

Tennessee went to a NASCAR track to grab the attendance record from Michigan. There was a football game at the Bristol Motor Speedway. And while nobody in the crowd could see it, apparently there were reporters and TV cameramen there, so it did actually happen.

Michigan still has the record for most fans at a true home game, the most consecutive games with over 100,000 fans, and the 1997 Heisman trophy winner.

Tweets of the Week

Michigan offers 2017 3-star CB Brandon Sebastian

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The cornerback is currently committed to Boston College.

Michigan has offered 2017 three-star cornerback Brandon Sebastian, a Boston College commit, from Cheshire Academy High School in Connecticut.

Sebastian is ranked No. 1,313 in the 2017 class, according to 247Sports. He is the 139th cornerback and the seventh-best player in the state of Connecticut.

The 6-foot-1, 170-pound athlete committed to Boston College on March 9, 2016. He is teammates with Michigan target Tarik Black, who is a 2017 four-star wide receiver. Black has offers to play for Michigan, Alabama, Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona State, Auburn, Boston College, Connecticut, Duke, East Carolina, Georgia, Louisville, Maryland, Massachusetts, Miami (FL), Michigan State, Mississippi State, N.C. State, Navy, Nebraska, Old Dominion, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin. He has been recruited to the Wolverines by Jay Harbaugh and Jedd Fisch.

The Wolverines also extended an offer to Cheshire Academy linebacker Dillon Harris. The 2018 athlete, Black and Sebastian all have been recruited by both Michigan and could join forces.

2017 5-star CB/WR Darnay Holmes will no longer visit Michigan on September 17th

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Darnay Holmes will not take any official visits until November.

Class of 2017 five star cornerback and wide receiver Darnay Holmes from Calabasas High School (CA) told Maize n Brew that he will no longer visit Michigan on September 17th for the game against Colorado.

"Darnay is not taking any officials until November," his father, Darick Holmes, said to Scout. "We want him to take them when a lot of those games count more."

With offers to Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State, Stanford, UCLA, Washington, Alabama, Arizona, California, Clemson, Colorado State, Florida State, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami (FL), Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, San Diego State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, and Washington State, Holmes will commit to a program on January 7th at the US Army All-American Bowl.

"He's going to visit Arizona for the Washington game for sure," said Darick Holmes. "He will take about five unofficial visits to schools before he takes his official visits."

Holmes told Maize n Brew back in early June that Michigan is an automatic lock as a Top 3 school. The cornerback and wide receiver still does not have a Top 3 set. He visited Michigan for the BBQ at the Big House on August 4th.

The 5-foot-10, 190-pound cornerback and wide reciever is ranked No. 11 overall in the 2017 class, according to 247Sports. He is the No. 2 ranked cornerback and the third-best player in the state of California.

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