The Ultimate Guide to Settling Down in Michigan as a Foreigner. First time to US

Welcome to Michigan! As a foreigner, settling into a new country can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Below steps will help you settling in the United States, we have compiled a list of important points to be considered. If you have come first time to US then this article is for you.

1. Obtain a Social Security Number (SSN)

apply for SSN social security number, First time to US.

Getting your Social Security Number (SSN) is very important after moving to Michigan. . It is important to have an SSN for various purposes, including applying for jobs, opening bank accounts, and filing taxes. Once your application is affirmed, you’ll get a Social Security card by mail within 14 days.

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To apply for an SSN and its hours of operation , visit your nearest Social Security Administration (SSA) office . Make sure you have your passport, visa, and a copy of your identification with you. It is recommended that you carry the following documents when visiting the Social Security Office. The official website for the SSO.

Enter your zip code here to find the Social Security Office nearest to you and its hours of operation.

2. Accommodation

looking for accommodation house, First time to US.

Finding house for rent becomes easier through various online platforms as in below listings. There are many platforms enabled with maps which is user friendly to navigate to desired location within budget. Everyone has unique requirements as this is deeply personal choice, also you can book prior appointment to visit house before confirming.

Agents are helpful in house tour and briefing all terms & conditions ,also you can check for advance blocking incase house is vacant. We need to look for amenities , furnished\semi furnished , parking , maintenance , snow cleaning as this is critical in Michigan, nearby shopping, school district and importantly safety of location.

Browse through all websites for best price and promotion deals. Also you can align with agent and prebook before arriving to United States, however most of them ask for id proof or co-applicant with credit score.

3. Driver’s License or State ID

Apply for Michigan drivers license, First time to US.

It is important to obtain a driver’s license in the United States though your international driver’s license is valid for a limited duration. You have to visit the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) office to apply for a driver’s license or state identification (ID) card. There will be a written test, vision test, and road test.

Applying for a first-time license at 18 or older – This official link will provide you with details and the process for a new driver’s license

This is the place to visit for a driver’s license – , start the process by clicking the link and following given directions. You have to ‘schedule a visit’ and select ‘Driver’ ->’First-time Michigan Drivers License’ -> provide required details.

There are two steps in test.

  • Drivers Permit test
  • Road Test\Skill Test

Drivers Permit test

To pass the initial test in Michigan, refer to the Michigan driver’s manual and study guide completely, and take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the questions.

Drivers Manual in Michigan

Every driver should know document

Driving Skills Test Study Guide is available here

Road Test\Skill Test

The driving road test has two parts — a basic skill test and an on-road driving test. The basic test may be in a small area to test parking, reverse, and others as mentioned in the study guide . The road tests which include local, expressway, residential area, road merge, circle junctions, etc.

Driving Skills Test Study Guide is available here

4. Bank Account

Apply for bank account in US, First time to US.

Having a local bank account in the United States will make it easier for you to manage your finances and enable you to receive your salary, pay bills, and access various financial services.

Each bank may have diverse documentation required depending on where you are located\citizen. For example, in case you’re not a resident of the United States, you’ll be required to provide proof of identity, an address, and maybe an opening deposit when opening an account within the Michigan\United States. Make sure to confirm with your bank to see what documentation is required.

Underneath are a few of the archives you will require when opening an account:

You will need official government-issued photo ID. A lot of these requirements may sound familiar to you as a U.S. citizen. Some banks and other financial institutions may ask for multiple forms of ID to confirm your identity, especially if you are a non-resident.

Acceptable forms of ID include: ·

– Driver’s license

– Passport with or without a photo

– Students ID (with or without photo)

– U.S Employment Authorization Card with

– Social Security number (SSN)

– Employment letter with name and address

– Utility bills