Why was this site created?

Simply put, we wanted one destination where people could discover blogs that were written by Michigan bloggers every day. RSS feeds and the like always seemed too cumbersome to manage and the look and feel of a magazine seemed more appealing. If you’re a Michigan blogger and would like your content to be considered for this site, please send an email to 3sixteenweb[at]facebook.com or use the “add blog” link above.

Our intent is not to take away traffic from your blog; on the contrary, we want people to read your blog. In fact, all permalinks redirect back to your blog. The goal was to be able to keep track of what is happening in the Michigan blogosphere.

My name is BJ Strawter. My grown up name is Billy, which means everyone calls me Bill. I am one of many Michigan entrepreneurs. My first business was a dance club next to a police station. They always say location location location. I’m the head of Business Development for EnviCare Inc. You can find me on Twitter [twitter]3sixteenweb[/twitter]. I welcome any and all feedback. Enjoy the ride!

Important Notes:

  • Blog posts are pulled from your public RSS feed
  • You are credited for as the author for each and every blog post
  • Permalinks point back to your original content
  • We do not take credit for any content created that is not our own
  • Google is aware that your content is the original.  There is no penalty for duplicate content
  • All bloggers are independent and do not write for Michigan Blogger